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Bernie Sanders Needs To Take Hillary's Name Out Of His Mouth

By Kristy Puchko | Politics | September 8, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Politics | September 8, 2017 |

A year ago, we were getting tired of the presidential election. Worn down by the fighting, not only against the self-cannibalizing GOP, who had thrown their weight behind a ludicrous reality TV star and bloviator, but also with fellow liberals who were attacking Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for not being liberal enough. So certain were we liberals of victory, that many talked about voting their conscience by voting third party. Some die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters publicly declared they’d vote for him or not at all. And Donald Trump won. In her new book What Happened, Hillary Clinton explores how the fuck that came to pass. And yeah, in part, she blames Bernie Sanders.

In the photographed excerpts below, Clinton notes that she and Sanders were on the same side on a lot of issues. So, instead of attacking her policy, “he had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character.” She notes that his attacks on her created “lasting damage” to her campaign, so yeah, they helped Trump.

She also criticized Bernie’s rhetoric, pointing out how it spurred waves of misinformed outrage. Specifically, she cited a way too popular Facebook meme :

BERNIE: I think America should get a pony.
HILLARY: How will you pay for the pony? Where will the pony come from? How will you get Congress to agree to the pony?
BERNIE: Hillary thinks America doesn’t deserve a pony.
BERNIE SUPPORTERS: Hillary hates ponies!
HILLARY: Actually, I love ponies.
BERNIE SUPPORTERS: She changed her position on ponies! #WhichHillary? #WitchHillary
HEADLINE: Hillary Refuses To Give Every American A Pony
DEBATE MODERATOR: Hillary, how do you feel when people say you lie about ponies?

Now, Hillary is not blaming Sanders solely for her loss. But in these two pages, yeah, she acknowledges the role Sanders played in it. Now, Sanders has responded on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And frankly, his response made me flash with a rage so hot, I’m sipping ice water as I write this.

Sanders says:

“We have got to think ‘Going Forward’ … I would like her to join us in the fight for a Medicare-for-all single payer system, in taking on the fossil fuel industry so that we transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and move to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. So in other words, we need her help to go forward. Let’s not keep arguing about 2016. Let’s get together, take on Trump’s desire to divide us up. Let’s go forward with a progressive agenda.”

“Let’s get together, take on Trump’s desire to divide us up. Let’s go forward with a progressive agenda.” You mean let’s be STRONGER TOGETHER? Bernie. This is literally what MILLIONS of liberals were asking of you to do LAST YEAR.

You made some good points in your campaign. You also made some promises you had no way of keeping, but a lot of us liked your moxie and your ideas. Buy you want Hillary to help you reach your agenda? Then you should have done your damndest to help her get elected president. You should have reached out to the Bernie Bros and made it absolutely fucking crystal clear what the real choice was. Because all that liberaler-than-thou and “lesser of two evils” bullshit has proved darkly laughable as we’ve watched President Trump make our nation a laughingstock, as he bumbles toward eradicating healthcare for millions, as he threatens the futures of DREAMers, and he brags about ratings and hurricanes while people drown and lose everything, as he encourages white supremacists, and steals from many Americans any sense of peace.

If Hillary were president, then you could totally and understandably petition for her help and support. But Hillary Clinton is now a private citizen. And every time she so much as sneezes, the conservative press leaps onto her to distract from whatever scandal or atrocity their president has going that day. So, Sanders, you don’t get to pretend you’re the bigger person here. Because this shit? This shit is bigger than you, and bigger than Clinton. The very future of the United States of America is undetermined, and you are an actual senator. Clinton’s out of the game. You helped see to that. So keep her name out of your mouth.