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An Open Letter To President* Trump During His Darkest Hour

By Emily Cutler | Politics | January 29, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Politics | January 29, 2017 |

Dear President* Trump,

I understand you’ve had a rough week. We have, too. And it looks like the second week isn’t starting better for either of us. But I thought in the interest of bipartisanship and democracy on the whole, I should let you in on a little secret.

You’re right. We don’t like you.

That can be a tough pill for a narcissist to swallow. Especially one who is used to moderate successes in other areas of his life. You are a billionaire, you did have one of the highest rated reality shows on network TV (for one season, anyway), you do posses a certain amount of power and charisma.

And we don’t care about that.

I’m sure you imagined that being president would be the ultimate ego boost. Millions of people would pick you to run the most prestigious office in the country. You’d stump for and sell America in the same way you promoted your business ventures, and people would love you for it. Then you’d go to a fancy dinner, and turn in by 10pm.

You were wrong.

You were popular and powerful before every single citizen had to have an opinion of you. Now that we do, your numbers don’t look so great. The American public on the whole is not the same as the crowds at your rallies. Most of the country doesn’t support you, your staff or your policies. Instead, we’re kind of dicks to you. We don’t show up for your inauguration, we do show up for protest marches against you, we contact our representatives to ask them to work against your initiatives, we make fun of you about your small hands and your fear of stairs, and we make jokes about how much your wife hates you. Despite your best efforts to marginalize us as “sore losers,” more and more of the country is turning against you. Even you will have a hard time living in a delusion when the entire country is speaking out against you.

And we’re not going to stop.

As I’m sure someone in the comments has already stated, this letter isn’t really for you, Donny. Because in reality, I couldn’t give two watery shits about you or your feelings. This is about reassuring myself, my friends, and every reasonable person in the country that we do have the ability to fight back. You, Donny, are not all powerful, despite your ignorant insistence of the contrary. And because you cannot charm or will us into submission, you’ll never win what you most want to. You can’t make us like you, and that torments you.

Which means we’ve already won.

Not that the battle is anywhere near over. We’ve got one week down, 207 left to go. But you’ll never have the approval and support of all of us. You’ll have the undying disdain of millions of Americans. You’ll have people telling you “no,” and you can’t stand that. You’ll never have the one thing that truly matters to you which means you’ve already lost. Now we just have to show up to remind you of that. And we’re more than up for the challenge.

Welcome to your next fours years.

64 Percent of the U.S. and Counting

*Emily Chambers, unlike the President, does not believe the lack of a popular vote win invalidates Trump’s presidency. She believes his words and actions do that. You can follow her fledgling Twitter presence here.