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UPDATE: Amy Klobuchar Just Got Nuked From Orbit on 'The View'

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 11, 2020 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | February 11, 2020 |


If Amy Klobuchar’s campaign somehow squeaks by after today’s New Hampshire primary, it’s going to be dragged around on a stretcher thanks to Sunny Hostin absolutely roasting Klobuchar alive on The View this morning. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Hostin is hands-down the MVP of the show, and it’s incredible how she’s able to power through and elevate what should be a banal, daytime TV production into a vehicle for actual journalism when the need arises.

In this particular case, Klobuchar probably assumed she was in for a fun round of effortlessly dunking on Meghan McCain like she’s a Marshmallow Gargoyle bolted to a chair, but instead, the good senator was treated to a fully flaming Sunny who proceeded to justifiably challenge Klobuchar’s prosecution record and how it disproportionately affected minorities. Or in other words, Sunny was here to deliver the long overdue “Kamala is a cop” treatment that somehow Klobuchar has managed to avoid.

Until now.

Not only did Sunny bring up Klobuchar’s lack of African American support, which hovers at around 0.5% — Less than Mayor Pete’s! — but Hostin also took the candidate to task for failing to prosecute over two dozen police-involved killings. Klobuchar didn’t touch a single one of those cases. When asked to defend that record, she gave a boilerplate answer about working on the First Step Act, which reduces sentencing for non-violent offenders in order to lower prison populations, but doesn’t do a goddamn thing to address the pertinent issue of cops murdering black people whenever they feel like it and walking away scot-free.

Fortunately, Sunny was just warming up. Via The Daily Beast:

Hostin proceeded to bring up Klobuchar’s prosecution of 16-year-old Myon Burrell, a black teenager who is now serving a life sentence for murder despite evidence that suggests he could be innocent.

“It gives me no pleasure to say this because as you know, I was a prosecutor as well,” Hostin said. “I have reviewed the facts of that case, and it is one of the most flawed investigations and prosecutions that I think I have ever seen.” As the mother of a black teenager, she called the case her “worst nightmare.”

As she has done before, Klobuchar called for all of the evidence to be “immediately reviewed” in that case, but that was not enough for Hostin, who said, “You’re a U.S. senator now. You’re a powerful woman. What do you plan to do to right this wrong?”

At that point, Joy Behar chimed in by joking “Are we prosecuting Amy Klobuchar today?” because, God forbid, a potential presidential candidate is asked to justify a past history of systemic racism. Can’t have that! Fortunately, things got better when Meghan — let’s see here — refused to read the Black History Month fact of the day. Good God…

Yup, so that happened.

But don’t worry, Meghan actually did have a very important question for the senator except, just kidding, what the hell even is this?

Despite being a flaps-to-the-floor Republican, Meghan didn’t used to be militantly anti-choice until she married her evangelical, plagiarist husband and became a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloon for his piece of shit website. So knowing all of that, what was her question supposed to even accomplish? Klobuchar reaffirmed her pro-choice stance, and then said, sure, someone who is pro-life can vote for me, which is probably the least ground-breaking piece of information in the world.

The real kicker is that’s what Meghan gets paid over a million dollars for while the WOC sitting next to her quite possibly stopped an entire presidential campaign in its tracks. I mean, Christ, imagine following up Sunny’s segment with, “Hey, uh, you don’t like this thing, but others do? Can they still vote for you?” and thinking your pampered ass belongs on TV solely because you came out of a war hero’s mistress turned second wife.

If you’re wondering why I needed a week off from Meghan, you couldn’t ask for a better example. (Also, I keep tasting copper whenever I write these. Is that normal?)

POST NEW HAMPSHIRE UPDATE: Wow, this aged well. So, what are we calling this? The “Neck Stepped On By Sunny Hostin Bounce.” What an amazingly fun primary. (Kill me.)

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