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This Trump Surrogate Pearl-Clutchingly Quoted Beyoncé on CNN

By Courtney Enlow | Politics | October 11, 2016 | Comments ()


Your aunt who had way too much moscato was on CNN last night, and she had something to say. Who the fuck knows what’s happening anymore. Go the tape.

Yes. That’s a Trump surrogate, Betsy McCaughey, quoting Beyoncé’s “Formation” in an effort to blame Hillary Clinton and rap music for Trump telling Billy Bush he likes to grab women by the pussy, in a reach that can only be topped by Trump physically trying to grab a pussy with his tiny baby hands.

Like…Don Lemon can’t even handle this. Don Lemon can’t even pretend. “OK, Betsy.”

We are in the goddamn upside down and there are no words.

Well. One word.


That “hypocrisy” is one of those words Trump supporters have only ever seen written and have never actually heard out loud makes a lot of sense, actually.

Congratulations to the Trump campaign for finding stunning and majestic ways to blame black people for a conversation between the two most caucasian men on the planet.

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