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15 Facts About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that NO ONE WANTS YOU TO KNOW

By TK Burton | Politics | February 8, 2019 |

By TK Burton | Politics | February 8, 2019 |


You may have seen this bombshell making the rounds on Facebook recently:

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has experienced two “sheriff evictions,” two closed checking accounts, and a credit score of 430.

It is absolutely 100% verifiably true. And of course, the inside-jobbers at Snopes are claiming it’s false. But we all know, as one of my high school’s finest once told me (also on Facebook), that “Snopes is bias.” So they can’t be trusted. So after doing a little digging, we found more and more disturbing facts about this scandalous Communist harridan. Did you know that:

— She kicked a bunny into traffic.
— She murders the homeless for sport.
— She shoplifted from the dollar store.
— She wears Crocs.
— She supports abortion up until the child is in college.
— She’s a vegetarian but supports the killing and eating of white men.
— She was kicked out of college for practicing witchcraft.
— She’s a lesbian and practices human sacrifice as foreplay.
— She wants to pass a law where all cars are replaced with giant potatoes.
— She wants to close all the coal mines with all the miners buried inside them.
— Her State of the Union outfit was made of the sails of superyachts that she sank with the owners tied to the masts.
— She wants to turn white men into slaves and force them to work in her potato car factory.
— She wants to give aborted white fetuses to black women as slavery reparation.
— She wants to abolish English as the official language of America and replace it with Canadian.
— When she was a bartender, she watered down the drinks she made… with socialism.

Remember, people. Elections matter. May God have mercy on our souls.

TK Burton is an Editorial Consultant. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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