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Prepare To Experience Unbridled Joy While Listening To Trump Supporters Talk

By Emily Cutler | Politics | October 6, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Politics | October 6, 2016 |

I’ve spoken before about the benefits of living in an echo chamber, and how being open-minded doesn’t mean listening to any rambling asshole who happens across your path. For the most part, I have no problem dismissing entirely out of hand people who have nothing to add to the debate. If, for instance, you ever mention anything about President Barack Hussein Obama being “un-American,” I’m cutting your metaphorical mic.

But that does mean that I’m missing the chance to catch my own logical fallacies. I’m confident in my critical thinking skills, but not so confident that I believe I’ve never had an illogical conclusion. Unless I present those arguments to someone who is skeptical, there’s a good chance I’ll completely miss a big flaw. Which means there’s a small but undeniable chance I’ll end up like one of these people.

Did you see the exact moment when NRA Guy realized the flaw in his argument? You could almost hear him crap his pants, right? It was basically right around here.


And of course he could go on to say that the election results will still be rigged to show Clinton in a more positive light. He could figure out a way around this. The important take away is his supreme confidence in both the idea that Trump will win, the idea that the system is rigged against him, and the ensuing danger of not accepting a legitimate defeat. In fact, when the interviewer points out the … wait a minute. That interviewer looks familiar. Poppy?




Don’t look at me like that, Poppy. You know how delightful you are. I’ve missed you so, so, so, so, so much. And all your funny little British words.


So you think she should have flagged-up, “I’m about to faint. Can we get a proper film crew in right now?”

“Flagged-up.” “Proper.” Saying those like they’re words. You’re hysterical. I knew you’d come back to us in our hour of need. Please don’t ever leave me again.

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