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The Creepiest Podcast Episodes for Your October Listening Pleasure

By Courtney Enlow | Podcasts | October 5, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Podcasts | October 5, 2016 |

It’s October again, and that means it’s time to neglect our friends and families in favor of scary movies and podcasts and also candy. Last year we gave you five of the creepiest podcasts, and this year we bring you the creepiest podcast episodes.

Last Podcast on the Left — The Satanic Government Part II: The Franklin Cover-Up (Part I and Part II)

These and several other episodes of this podcast make you feel like, “oh shit, the batshit conspiracy theorists might actually be onto something…”

The NoSleep Podcast — Penpal

This NoSleep series became a book. This is the first half—and by far the creepiest the book has to offer.

Welcome to Night Vale — Cassette

Night Vale can be many things—funny, emotionally devastating, deeply heartwarming, and anything in between. But it can also be immensely unsettling. This is my favorite.

Generation Why — The JonBenét Ramsey Case

You want to learn about the case and avoid all the dirty discomfort of the TV specials? This is it. This podcast episode blew my mind.

Limetown — Cost-Benefit Analysis

I have touted this podcast for a year now and if you haven’t listened, I CANNOT HELP YOU, at least in any way but to trick you. This episode is the finale, which means you have to listen to all the rest first. HA. The end of the second episode, Winona, almost made me crash my car because I jumped so hard. Plus, Zack and Skip, the creators (HI ZACK! [we’re Twitter besties]) are working on a prequel novel and other secret projects. So get in now. It’s only six episodes!

My Favorite Murder — What About Mimi?

If you like your creepy murder a little snarky and a little feminist, this is the show for you. And this particular episode is an incredible survival story (as the title of the podcast would indicate, this is not necessarily the norm).

Lore — The Cave

An evil cult of warlocks, people!

The Black Tapes Podcast — Hush Little Baby

Because baby monitors are the goddamn scariest invention of all time.

The NoSleep Podcast — Correspondence://

After you listen to this supremely terrifying story, give yourself over and binge the entire series on Reddit. Start at the bottom and go backwards. It’s beyond worth it. The best scary story on the internet.