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Your Favorite Hollywood Star Adds "Entitled Blogger" To Her CV

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 9, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 9, 2012 |

My dear ones, this site has long had a hate/hate relationship with Katherine Heigl. I’m not fully on the Hate Kate Bandwagon, and her new guest blog spot on a website I’ve never heard of isn’t terrible, but the headline (“It’s Difficult To Have It All”) is. My nose wrinkled. (iVillage)

I mean, does she REALLY have it all? Cause I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have any talent this awesome Aliens vs. Predator chess board. (Obvious Winner)

I spent a few hungover hours this weekend soaking in the comedic talents of Nick Offerman via a mini-Ron Swanson marathon. As awesome as Ron is, it turns out Nick Offerman may be even better. (Warming Glow)

Which Paiba 10 actor does Harvey Weinstein think is languishing in obscurity? You’ll have to click the link to find out. It’s Tom Hardy. (MovieLine)

That was my first crack at a blind item. How did I do? Pretty good, right? Anyway, via Reddit (where else?), behold the striking similarities between Hitler’s mother and Michael Cera.

Speaking of adorable indie actors, I stole this link right off Kat Denning’s Twitter feed. Some of the best “life hacks” I’ve read all year. (DailyBuzz)

While we’re on the subject of making your life easier, have you spent much time with the “Ikea Hacks” on LifeHacker? Cause this webcam crane hack sounds awfully handy for you Artful Skypers (band name). Enjoy! (Lifehacker)

Speaking of artful images, MelBivDevoe sent me these incredible close up images of human irises. (Suren Manvelyan) And a lovely Twitter follower sent me this rad image of a frozen Niagara Falls. (History Pin)

You trivia-minded clickers will love this oddball Mental Floss list of one word answers to 25 questions. It’s a clever way to do a link round-up. (Mental Floss)

Speaking of trivia, my Educated Guessers, here’s the last in the Cinematic Alphabet series. The 1970s. I’d wish you luck, but your track record proves you don’t need it. (Steven Wildish)

In the wild world of politics, you can either read this offensive and racist story from Arizona (ThinkProgress), or revel in the batshit insanity of this delightful Democratic candidate. He’s like a walking talking version of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Soap.

Speaking of batsh*t insane, are you curious at all about Burning Man? Care to experience it without the danger of desert dust in your unmentionables? I think this recitation of “Oh The Places You’ll Go” is pretty fantastic. Oh, sure, I would likely murder any one of these people if I had to share a tent with them, but the forceful whimsy of the encampment suits the Seussian verse quite well. Plus, scantily clad fit people!

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