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The New Movie 43 Trailer Will Give You An Excuse To Wash Kate Winslet's Mouth Out With Soap

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2012 |

It’s a big super important day, guys. That’s right, it’s Presidential Debate Day. You know what a fervent follower of politics I am so rest assured that I will be well-stocked with my grain alcohol of choice for this Debate Day Drinking Game. (Ranker)

Have you seen the names the Weather Channel has cooked up for this year’s winter storms? Oh they’re gorgeously nerdy. I want to go to work to there. (The Mary Sue)

Against all odds I’m super excited for the prospect of this Moby Dick In Space movie. Maybe it’s the great title, Mobius, or my lingering affection for that “Doctor Who” episode, but I’m fully on board for a Space Whale epic. (THR)

Those butt-chugging frat boys held a butt-chugging press conference where their bow-tied lawyer was forced to say the phrase butt-chugging over and over. Oh boy, you guys, I hope this goes down on their permanent record. (Uproxx)

Now, listen, it’s fine and dandy for butt-chugging frat boys to turn their toilets into the Iron Throne, but, grown-up men of the world, I am not okay with this. (Nerd Approved)

I know many of you are fans of the fantastic author Neal Stephenson. You’ll be even more in love once you read all about his sword fight club. Sword. Fight. Club. (Slate)

I neglected to post this shirt when I first saw it because I was too overwhelmed by its pimping bad*ssery. (We Love Fine Tees)

But, I have to say, this young girl’s “I Enjoy Vagina” shirt may top it. It may have gotten her kicked out of school, but she’s perma-enrolled in my heart. (Gothamist)

Musical lovers check out this amazing cast list Rob Marshall has put together in order to raise funds for his proposed film adaptation of Into The Woods. Also, rumor has it that Meryl Streep is eyeballing the lead. And my heart goes boom…squish. (TFE)

Although I’m sure none of you had any trouble wrapping your heads around the twists of Looper, you’ll enjoy the spoilery Rainmaker icon on this infographic that breaks down the various timelines. (

I had so much fun writing that banned books post yesterday. Many thanks to those of you who checked it out. Here’s some further love for those verboten books. (The Curious Brain)

Finally, do not, I repeat, do not watch this preview in your cubicle. Or do it with your headphones in…quick and dirty-like. Enjoy, you sick bastards.

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