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You See! Social Media Shaming DOES Work!

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 28, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 28, 2017 |

Well-known televangelist Joel Osteen has a $50 million church in Houston that holds 16,000 people. He faced criticism for failing to open his doors to flood victims despite the fact that his church is still in very good shape. Here’s how he responded:

Here’s how social media responded:

He still hasn’t opened the doors, but there’s some indication that the social media shaming has worked. He’s apparently prepping the place with air mattresses now. See, y’all! Social media shaming works! (Crook and Liars)

Meanwhile, while you’re waiting.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to: Ed Skrein really is the best Daario! He has rescinded his role in Hellboy after whitewashing concerns were raised. He lost one part, but the man has gained a whole lot of new fans. No shaming necessary!

The pumpkining of everything has started entirely too early this year (early August for shit’s sake!) and I’ve been bitching about it to my poor husband every time we go to a store and yet another “Pumpkin Spice” product is on the shelves. BUT, I find that I’m kind of intrigued by this one. Goddammit. - (Impulsive Buy)

I didn’t watch the MTV Video Awards last night (too busy what with WINTER BEING HERE, DAMMIT!) but I made sure to watch Pink’s acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard award. I want to be as cool as Pink when I grow up - (Lainey)

You know who else wants to be cool? Jared Leto. You know what’s not going to help? Glittery capes. - (GFY)

You know who was cool? Alan Turing. Well beyond cool. Brilliant. Genius. Fascinating. A treasure trove of his letters has been found in a storeroom at the University of Manchester. So cool! - (IFLScience)

Soooooo there’s a lot to unpack in this photo spread of Kim Kardashian as Jackie O(ish) on the cover of Interview magazine. Like, a lot a lot. A LOT. But I’m going to focus on how fucking cute is North West The Person? She is really cute. - (Dlisted)

Many of you may have had kids return to school already, some don’t go back until after Labor Day weekend. Regardless, this checklist might be helpful for you in prepping your progeny for the end of their time as wildings. - (McSweeney’s)

I LOVE the James Bond movie theme songs even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire Bond movie. My favorite is Shirley Manson’s “The World is Not Enough” followed closely by Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does it Better”. If Beyoncé does a Bond song? It might become my favorite song of all time. I DON’T EVEN KNOW. It’s just too exciting for me to think about! - (Celebitchy)

Poor Joanna, what is she going to do until 2019? Yarn walls! Here’s some speculation on what to expect with Game of Thrones’s final season. - (VF)

A traumatic event taught Ghost how to run, and a spot on the school track team might teach him how to do more than run away. Orleanas was impressed with Jason Reynold’s authentic, distinctive voice. A National Book Award Finalist, Ghost is the first book in a series about Ghost’s trackmates. What does it take to help a traumatized kid survive and thrive? (Cannonball Read 9)

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