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You Know Sh*t Is Bad When Taylor Swift Finally Decides to Get Political

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 7, 2018 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 7, 2018 |


Hi. The weekend is over and it wasn’t a great weekend to start, so where do we go from here? I don’t even know, but I’ll try to keep Pajiba Love from being a total suckhole of despair.

How about with this — when you start feeling down, feeling hopeless or helpless, remember this: You’re not so despised by everyone around you that they let you walk around with toilet paper on your shoe. (This gif will amuse me for DAYS!)

The new Doctor Who season started today and to commemorate it, Mattel and BBC are partnering up to bring us a 13th Doctor Barbie! For really real! - (io9)

Turns out that La Croix not only contains natural fruit “essence,” (and only the essence - for real, you can’t taste any fruit in that crap, come on! And don’t even @ me. You know it’s true.), but also some unnatural cockroach insecticide. Mmmmm, refreshing! - (Distractify)

I don’t know if it was the Kavanaugh mess, or the general political hell that we’re living, or the fact that Marsha Blackburn is a nightmare, but Taylor Swift — who has been sitting out politics for her entire career — decided to finally say something, and say something she did.

TayTay just got on the political train. - (Splinter)

Aquaman brought a 5-minute trailer to NY Comic-Con. 5 minutes of MOMOAAAA! And some other people. I guess. - (Lainey)

Kate’s been on vacation, otherwise, I feel like this is something she would have really dug into for us. - (People)

Because here’s the thing, that canned air could have come from New Zealand or it could have come from this Chanel beach scene - no way to even know! BUT, for real, LOOK AT THIS BEACH that Chanel created for Paris Fashion Week. LOOK. AT. IT. - (GFY)

Tessa Thompson AND Janelle Monáe in the upcoming live-action Lady and the Tramp? YES, THANKYOU! - (Shadow and Act)

I LOVE shit like this! This is 100% something my dad would do/have. Using a $100,000 meteorite as a doorstop. - (Dlisted)

Melania got an early Halloween costume and wore it to Africa. She is so best, you guys! - (Celebitchy)

White men continue to be fine. Even the ones employed by police departments after they’ve killed little black boys. - (The Root)

Fox News, home of the “fair and balanced” contributor Todd Starnes, who believes the women protesting the Kavanaugh appointment are “… screaming animals” who “should be tasered, handcuffed and dragged out of the building.” - (The Cut)

Shibuyama suggests that if you like The Kingkiller Chronicle, you might like the Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch, except that’s not a compliment. Shibuyama went into the series with great hopes for a fantasy heist adventure only to be disappointed by meandering plots and fridged women. "Then again, perhaps if you lower your expectations and go in willing to skim a bit here and there, it’ll steal you away for a little anyway." Would you consider a comparison to The Kingkiller Chronicle a recommendation or a warning? (Cannonball Read 10)

And finally, I won’t include video of my own, but take my word for it, it’s basically EXACTLY like this when I come home. My cats greet me the same way. Pretty much.

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