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You Guys, It's Been a Really Hard Day for Ivanka Trump, But Thank God, She's Going to Be OK!

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2017 |

Sooooo, our Cheeto-skinned Grand Poopbah has decided the US doesn’t need to be a part of the Paris Climate Agreement. Cool (well, not cool - warm and warmer until the planet just bakes and eventually probably just turns into a giant dirt clod… sorry, I get carried away sometimes). Can he just do that? - (Snopes)

Speaking of the Paris Climate Accord, I know it was a tough day for people who, like, believe in science and care about, like, the environment, and, you know, want future generations to actually have a hospitable planet upon which to live, but you guys, it was a really hard day for Ivanka Trump. WHY IS NO ONE THINKING OF IVANKA?
But don’t worry! She’s taking it in stride.

Poor Ivanka. Thoughts and prayers. I hope she pulls through.

LeBron James does a lot for my hometown, his hometown. He’s one of my favorite celebrities, not because he’s famous, not because he’s surprisingly funny in movies, not because of how well he plays a sport, but because of how he lives his life and how quietly (and sometimes loudly) he and his wife take care of their city and the kids there. When I read that someone spray painted the “N” word on his LA home, it filled me with such sadness and anger. How is this something that still fuckin’ happens in 2017? I’m gonna’ let Mr. James respond. - (Celebitchy)

While we’re on the subject of NE Ohio’s own, the inspiration for Lois Lane, Joanne Siegel, was also an Ohio girl, Cleveland specifically, and you can read all about her in our own Elizabeth Macleod’s article! - (Little White Lies)

Yeah, Gwynnie admits that she’s “milked the f-ck out of every opportunity”, which is great for her. And for everyone like her who gets to start the race with a 3.7 minute lead! She angers me more than is probably reasonable. - (Lainey)

Now that the Jennerdashians are not EVERYWHERE every time I turn on my tv, I don’t find them quite as repugnant. I mean, I still don’t understand why they are famous, or who is who, or why their clothes are, but I can look at pictures of them periodically and go, “Ohhh, huh. So that one’s the one who used to be brunette and was probably the normal one? Got it! Wait, why is she wearing that?” Are sweats in now? I don’t get it. - (GFY)

This guy thinks he’s really talented, probably. Whatever. I can make a worm, so, you know, I totally have skills! - (Bored Panda)

A long lost character is coming back to Fear the Walking Dead this season! No, it’s not who you wish it was. (I know, I know. None of you watch this show anymore, but Dustin needs the clicks, OK?) (Uproxx)

I bet another over-the-top kids’ birthday party will be a good way to pay off the debt! No, wait, that didn’t work last time. Hmmm, think, Tori, think. Oooooh, *maybe* one more kid will be just the ticket to get another reality show! - (Dlisted)

The word awesome is usually tossed around casually, but in this case, this is a video that captures an awesome lightning strike - (Gizmodo)

Our own Courtney Enlow returns to the pages of Glamour magazine this week with one of the most personal things she’s ever written. Those of us who have been reading Courtney on Pajiba for years understand that that’s saying something. - (Glamour)

Many of you may have already seen this because RYKKER just HAD to go and post it earlier today! Some crapweasel MRA moron wrote to the Mayor of Austin whining about the women-only showing of Wonder Woman that the Alamo Drafthouse was planning and the response he received from the Mayor is a letter of beauty. - (Mayor Adler)

Since the end of season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Horse Comics, with Joss Whedon as executive producer, has kept the story going. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 has recently come to an end, and Tyler DFC thinks it is the most like the television series, in its focus on interpersonal relationships and dialogue. Have you followed the adventures of the Scoobies since the show went off the air? (Cannonball Read 9)

That’s all for today, folks, except - GO, CAVS!

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