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Yoda Would Clean This Papacy Right Up

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Pajiba Love | March 13, 2013 |

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Pajiba Love | March 13, 2013 |

If you were a Cardinal who would you vote for pope besides Tony La Russa? I think the only proper choice is argued above. Yoda for space pope!

Occasionally there’s a glitch when an egg forms, and the result is one egg growing inside another one. I like to think of this as the next stage of war in the argument over whether the chicken or the egg came first, and ain’t that just a kick in the cloaca. Click here for the only slightly disturbing photos.

Here are some high resolution pictures of atomic tests at Bikini atoll back in 1946. In particular, this was an atomic explosion set off in the middle of a flotilla of retiring warships in order to test the effects of atomic weapons in naval warfare. The black spot in the first picture? That’s an entire battleship thrown vertically into the air. Sometimes reality finds a way to so succinctly mock the things we put on screen as impressive displays of power.

If you haven’t read Jewel Staite’s occasional Q&A columns over at Blastr, you really should. She’d fit in better here than there.

The European Union apparently decided to not ban pornography on the Internet. They’ve turned their attention to things that are less futile, like waving their fists at the moon for being too damned bright.

Speaking of tasteful erotica, here’s an analysis of what pornography is searched for by state. Wow, there are so many acronyms on that page that I am not looking up under any circumstances.

There is so much awesome going on in this convention picture that I can’t even begin to comment:


So, the Soviet Union trained several dozen dolphins to use beak mounted knives and head mounted pistols in order to attack underwater special forces divers. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine inherited said dolphins. And now several have escaped. Let’s just assume that they’re armed, while we wait for confirmation from Doctor Evil. We’ve already penciled TK in to review the SyFy channel film.

Now that we’re pretty sure the big three are returning to Star Wars VII, we’re starting to get artist renderings of the aged characters. You have no idea how difficult it was to not put a lemon party link right there. You’re welcome.

I know you all hope and pray to hear more Taylor Swift news, so you’ll be happy to know that piles of unread fan letters to her were found in a dumpster. In other news, Taylor Swift fans are actually literate enough to mail letters. I’m sure this is Tina Fey’s fault.

And here is the ultimate academic marriage proposal, doing so via a (finely formatted in LaTeX, naturally) scientific argument. Come for the love, stay for the graphs:


TK sent me this to appease you, there’s a Kickstarter to raise money for a Veronica Mars Movie. I hear if you donate a $1000, you get a free vat of oil and the use of Enrico Colantoni’s bald head for an hour.

Are you the sort of person like me who can look at cool maps 25 hours per day? Here’s the best subreddit in the history of everything.

I know everyone has heard this song, but the video version of Fun’s Carry On has an extra minute at the beginning. This is irrelevant except for the fact that you can totally hear the TARDIS landing in the background, and I give them a Geek-five:

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