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Yikes Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. YIKES

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 22, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 22, 2019 |


Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian, who is the spitting image of his mother, took his paternal multi-millionaire grandfather to court over his trust inheritance and won. Thank god. I’d hate to think he would have been only mildly rich. Ew. - (Dlisted)

My garden doesn’t hold a tiny wilted Cala Lilly to Oprah’s garden, but I also go around it cutting flowers and talking to myself just as joyfully as she does. (Also, not related to Oprah, I’m absolutely as entertained as Maria is with Lea Michelle’s continued ability to find any reason to post wedding photos 4 months after her wedding.) - (Lainey)

It’s officially official: Valkyrie isn’t just bisexual in the comics, she is in the movies too! - (Shadow and Act)

I had planned to post the original Tweet and then luckily, I saw the response from Macy’s within a day and can post it too.

I vaguely remember hearing that Sharon Stone had a stroke many years ago, but a) I didn’t realize it took her so long to recover from it, and b) I think her comparison to Princess Diana might be a little wishful thinking on her part, but I think I get what she was trying to say: Fame waits for no one and once you’re out of the spotlight, no one cares who you are anymore. - (Celebitchy)

Look: On the one hand, YIKES MATT DAMON AND BEN AFFLECK. HAVE SOME F***ING AWARENESS. But on the other hand, Nicole Holofcener is involved, and she’s great, and I trust her, so … ?

Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Party is a mixed-bag of fashion. However, every single comment here is a delight, so I can’t really pick a favorite this time. You’re on your own. - (GFY)

Little Groff of Horrors! - (NYT)

You’re not gonna’ find an Impossible Burger or its plant-based brethren at Arby’s. They’re sticking with MEAT meat. “Not appealing to vegetarians, in fact, makes us stronger as a brand.” Cool, cool, cool. - (Fast Company)

Dyson has this AH-MAH-zing hairdryer/curling wand EXTRAVAGANZA that’s been out of stock for months and months. It’s finally back in stock (after amassing a 113,000 person waitlist) and I need to find a way to convince my husband that I NEED it. It’s only $549. I’m sure he’ll be easy to convince, right? - (Refinery 29)

(h/t our favorite friend Kolby)

In “Headlines I Never Expected” - Farmers Earn More From YouTube Than Their Crops - (Bloomberg)

Why storm Area 51 when you could storm this animal shelter and take home these “aliens”? - (BP)

Sometimes a publisher approaches Cannonball Read and offers a book in exchange for a review. That’s how Nyx got her hands on Heather Webber’s Midnight at the Blackbird Café. A woman goes to a small southern town to put her grandmother’s affairs in order and discovers connections she wasn’t expecting. "Grief, hope and redemption are at the heart of this little slice of southern life book and for as much as I usually am not a fan of books set in the South this one got me." Is there a region you are reluctant to read about? (Cannonball Read 11)

(I may have already included this one. If I did, too bad, you can enjoy it again. It’s very enjoyable!)

Lady Gaga and Laura Dern Who? Bradley Cooper Is Seen Out With Anna Wintour | Boris Johnson Elected New Tory Leader and British Prime Minister

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