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Xenu Help me, I'm Developing A Taste For Haggis

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 8, 2011 |

There has been a flood of those gimmicky “United States of…” maps of late. You know, the ones that try to boil down your home state to one factoid or film or foodstuff? I’m reluctant to throw another map on the barbie, my little Mason Dixon lines, but this one is about beer. And, unlike the last one, it’s about good beer. Lagunitas IPA for California? Yum, please! (Good)

This artist specializes in “iconic” or at least “filmic” confrontations. I’ve included this link mostly so I could share with you my abiding hatred for fax machines. They are truly the instrument of Satan. If you have suffered as I have, scroll down to #6 on this page for some closure. [ETA It’s not a fax machine! “Let’s do that. Let’s do exactly that!](Great Showdowns)

There’s been a drug more potent than meth masquerading as bath salts and none of you told me?!?! I kid, I kid, D-Day totally told me. He knows how to look out for a girl. (NPR)

Here’s a lovely recap of yesterday’s Oscar nominee luncheon. I always dig this event because it’s where the cool actors who are obviously going to lose (e.g. John Hawkes, Jacki Weaver) get a moment in the sun. My three main thoughts a) is Annette Bening sitting on The Dude’s lap? WENCH. b) John Hawkes, get out of my dreams and into my 1996 Honda Accord and c) HOLY CRAP DO AMY ADAMS AND POST-OP NICOLE KIDMAN LOOK ALIKE OR AM I BLINDED BY THE GINGER? (The Film Experience)

Oooh-di-lally, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Many sticky webs of thanks to Sara Tonin for sending me the NYT review of “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark So We Can Watch These Actors Inflict Grievous Bodily Harm On Themselves And Each Other.” (NYT)

Oh, Scientology, only your brand of insanity could force me to side with that hack, Paul Haggis. If you haven’t already, I reccomend you read the Crash director’s interview with Lawrence Wright that ran in the “New Yorker” this week. You don’t have to agree with me that Haggis comes off in a good, or at least self-aware light, but you should acknowledge that The Church of Scientology is whack-a-mole nutbrains. The article is quite long, so if you need it boiled down to bullet points, NY Mag has that here. But the whole article is really worth your time. (The New Yorker)

To me, that “New Yorker” article raises a side question of whether or not we should allow the “religious” (I’d argue “cultish”) beliefs, egregious actions, or utter numbskullery of our favorite performers impact our enjoyment of their body of work, past and future. Does the fact that Jason Lee is a Scientologist make Mallrats less great? No, right? But what about Lethal Weapon or Rosemary’s Baby? Do we let anti-semitism and rape affect those? It’s not an issue I have an easy answer for. If you’re interested, however, here’s a list of famous current and former Scientologists. GAIMAN!!! (Wikipedia)

Speaking of “religion,” check out this adorable battle of marquees between a Catholic and Presbyterian church. It made me spit out my granola. Also, I’m about to type the geekiest name for a link ever linked on this or any other site. (Wizards Time Lords and Star Kids)

Did you like how I just pretended to be too cool for that link name? You know better, right? By Grabthar’s hammer, ya skin jobs, check out this fr*lling awesome Tesla/Doctor Who shirt. (Woot)

Speaking of geek things, I found this article attacking that VW Darth Vader ad to be totally misguided. Really, friend, you’ve been saving up your vitriol for an adorable ad campaign? And one of your quibbles is how the advertisers used things we love (Star Wars/moppets) to sell us something we don’t need? You mean like using sex to sell cars? Or romance to sell diamonds? Or sex to sell beer? Or sex to sell Doritos? IT’S ADVERTISING. (Badass Digest)

Sorry my lovelies, apparently your Link Wench has an excess of Hate Spackle today. I’m going to calm down by watching this fairly arty and cool video of the Chicago Blizzard. Look how tranquil and playful the snowfa-wait, eleven people died in that blizzard? Blargh.

Okay, this has to be harmless, right? Weird Japanese jelly sushi candy! That you have to make and assemble yourself! And it takes nearly three minutes to do so! That seems like a lot of effort for what looks like a super disgusting outcome.

Joanna Robinson is holding out for a jelly California Roll. Mmmmm, jelly crab and jelly avo. If you know where she can find one, let her know here: [email protected]

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