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Wink If You Love Pipe-weed

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 11, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 11, 2011 |

Ahhhhhh! My little grassroots and peaceful assemblers! Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has officially resigned. Is every problem in Egypt magically solved? No. But my love spackle runneth over for an example of political change not instigated by extreme violence or U.S. involvement. The link I’m attaching is currently streaming video of jubilant Egyptian citizens who have flooded “Liberation Square,” but I can’t guarantee that will still be the case by the time you click on it. Either way…ENTHUSIASTIC NOISES! (Al Jazeera)

We also, today, celebrate the end of Library Lovers Week with a book-themed Pajiba Love. That’s right my darling dog-ears and foxed pages, I’ve got loads of luscious literary links for you (and some non, for variety). We’ll commence with this retrospective of “Alice in Wonderland” cover designs. I know you Tenniel acolytes will lynch me for saying so, but the most recent one looks very frabjous indeed. Er, fabulous. (Flavor Wire)

You know how Dustin and many other contributors to the site hate “Lord of The Rings?” WELL I DON’T! And I’m exceedingly excited by this video of The Hobbit cast press conference. If your love of Tolkein and Martin Freeman isn’t enough to get you to watch, then maybe the promise of “Being Human’s” vamp hunk Aidan Turner sporting a new dwarfish beard will do it. Spoiler alert, he’s still hot. (Stuff)

Honestly? “That Fresh Bacony Feeling!” doesn’t have the same the ring to it. (McPhee)

Ohhhhh, grammar errors that will shock and horrify me? Yes please! Ah yes, “Less vs Fewer,” my arch-nemesis, we meet again. (Eleven Points)

Oh, you touchy (I looked the plural up, disagree if you like), I promise I will never fail to share “Doctor Who” tidbits with you. For instance, this morning on Twitter (I know, shove it), someone was brainstorming “Doctor Who” band names. My favorites were “The Shadow Proclaimers” and “Fez Ferdinand,” but I bet you can do better, my sweet sonic screwdrivers. Also, here’s a clip from the BBC with a behind the scenes look at the most recent Christmas Special. There’s waaaaay too much nonsense about snogging, but it’s worth watching to see Michael Gambon crack up at Matt Smith’s line-readings. (USA Today)

Reaganomics have never been so tasty! (Slate)

Dustin already posted the trailer for the new Jane Eyre but here’s a full scene of Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester igniting hearts and, yup, imma say it, undergarments. Seriously, Fassbender, between this and that pulling the boat out of the water thing from X-Men you’re going to have the entire film-going population at your mercy. (The Film Experience)

When I first started this gig, gentle readers, I made a promise to pronounce the word “memes” as “meh-mehs,” because, well, it cracked me up. And then I failed to post any meh-mehs. Thankfully, the Daily What has a round-up from this week including two I almost posted, JGL and Hipster Ariel. (The Daily What)

Ostensibly, the purpose for this article is to announce that Baz Luhrmann will start filming his Great Gatsby this June in New York. The real reason this article is worth noting is that someone other than me thinks Ryan Gosling should be Gatsby over that puffy-faced talent, Leonardo DiCaprio. Call me, IMDB user hpavillion1. We’ll do lunch and plot how to take DiCaprio out. (Gothamist)

This collection of highly artistic film posters is amazing. I’ve included the one from the King’s Speech below, but they’re all worth your notice. (Reelizer)

the kings speech poster 476x673 The Kings Speech.jpeg

And to close out this bookish round-up, here’s an oldie but a favorite of mine. Disclaimer time! A) This isn’t for non-Potter fans as it will make your eyes roll so far back in your head we may never see your delightful peepers again. B) This gets stuck in my head all the time. It’s the ear-wormiest of earworms. You have been warned.

But wait! There’s more! This has nothing to do with books but everything to do with awesome. It’s the Carolina Chocolate Drops covering that Blu Cantrell earworm from 2001 “Hit ‘Em Up Style.” It’s bluegrass R&B. Rejoice!

Joanna Robinson would smoke Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, or Southern Star with Martin Freeman any day of the week.

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