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Why Was I Rooting For Japan? Because Of The Tsunami, You Monsters.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 18, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 18, 2011 |

It’s funny, I thought for sure everyone would be with me on this soccer thing. After the harrowing year they had, Japan should have been the sentimental favorite to win the Women’s World Cup. But I guess all is fair in love and soccer (and basketball), because most people I know were pii-iii-iiiiissed that the US team lost yesterday. (Slate)

Meanwhile, in China, there was a bee-wearing competition this weekend. I don’t know why this is a thing, but I do know the photo accompanying this article puts Nic Cage and his caterwauling to shame. (Boing Boing)

There are, roughly, eleventy billion things I would wear before choosing a bee suit. Right now it’s a tie between this Wonder Woman swimsuit and this Map of Middle Earth Dress. I’m leaning towards the dress, but I’m not leaning too far because that dress looks tight, y’all.

But I have no fashion sense, so I’m likely to pair that Middle Earth Dress with this Cthulhu Fez. Why? Cause fezzes are cool. Just ask this little kid and his leggy companion. (io9)

Speaking of the Doctor, as I often am, some clever artist has snuck the TARDIS into these vintage travel posters. (Super Punch)

As much as I talk about “Doctor Who,” it has to be said that my favorite TV series in recent memory is the phenomenal “Friday Night Lights,” which ended its five year run this past weekend in the shadow of Pottermania. If you love the show as I do, please take the time to read this incredible oral history as related by the creators, writers, producers and actors. My favorite bit? When talking about the great Tami Taylor, creator Peter Berg says, “[In the original Friday Night Lights movie], Connie Britton’s role was sort of Pretty Wife Clapping in the Stands, which is about the shittiest job an actress can have. At least Talia Shire got to own a pet store and go ice-skating with Rocky.” Also, if you haven’t watched “Friday Night Lights,” it’s just sitting there on Netflix Instant Watch…waiting… (Grantland)

What do you folks think of this giant Marilyn Monroe statue that was just unveiled in Chicago? I mean, I like Marilyn, I like The Seven Year Itch, but something about this makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s the lacey detailing on her enormous underthings. (Kuriositas)

On the other hand, this collection of movie poster booty (compiled by our very own Dustin Rowles) makes me uncomfortable in all the right places. (Uproxx)

Speaking of film posters, some clever monkey has combined all three of Nolan’s Batman posters. IT’S LIKE THE THREE LEVELS OF INC-sorry, I almost forgot, I’m not allowed to make Inception jokes anymore. (H/T to the always dashing Dave Chen.)

In a plot that is, honestly, more complicated than either a Nolan film or the phone hacking scandal, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have both agreed, in the end, to officially accept their Marine Corps dates. I was bored with that story before it started but I do think this Marine jumping on the bandwagon to ask out Betty White is utterly adorable. (Evil Beet)

But nothing is cuter than Jason Momoa acting like every Hawaiian surfer dude I met when living in Oahu. That little Namaste-type bow? Adorable, brah. (Celebitchy)

Finally, let me just say, Soylent Green Jello is people. (Inhabitant)

We end today’s Pajiba Love, my dears, with a one-two musical punch. This first video celebrates the complete lack of musical talent in eight Londoners who were each given one note to plunk out on a piano. An editor then cut them all together to produce “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones. Warning, the rapid cuts in this little video make Baz Luhrman and Edgar Wright seem tame by comparison.

Our B-Side, on the other hand, features a phenomenally precocious seventeen year-old shredding up a drum set. Is that a thing…”shredding”? Can we make it one?

Joanna Robinson knows J. Lo. and Marc Anthony broke up this past weekend and she knows she should care, but she doesn’t. Do you care, tesoros? Let her know via Email or Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

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