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Why Kill One Smarmy "Entourage" Megadouche Weasel, When You Could Kill All Five?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 4, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 4, 2011 |

Well my playful pound puppies, the dog days of summer are here. I know it’s likely a good deal hotter where you live than it is here in temperate, perfect, never met a thing we couldn’t brag out, California. That didn’t stop my co-workers and me from taking a Popsicle Break at work yesterday. It was one of those really idyllic, Rockwellian summer moments. In an effort to tempt you to your own Popsicle Break today, here is some of the best ice cream p*rn I’ve ever seen. (Milk Made Ice Cream)

Speaking of culinary delights, can I make a confession about the blog/book/movie phenomenon that was Julie and Julia? I hate Julie Powell. I LOATHE her. She is a smug, self-important wench who publicly shamed and cuckolded her husband who was, as far as I can tell (BECAUSE THAT’S HOW SHE WROTE HIM) nothing but supportive and lovely. So, for me, this project, wherein one young man is spending 365 Days WATCHING Julie and Julia, sounds like a nightmare. But he’s being rather adorable about it and today’s post gives some overdue credit to the wonder that is Stanley Tucci. Thanks, beckster! (Lawrence and Julie and Julia)

Here we have Day 3 of STARK WEEK. This is your last taste before the final installment tomorrow. It’s going to be a melee of fur and dour expressions and shark puns. GET EXCITED. Today’s STARK WEEK poster features the art of the lovely jM and the maple syrup-drenched wit of the oppressively clever admin.

Have you ever wondered (lonely as a cloud) what our sultry gossip girl Courtney sounds like? Well, wonder no longer! Here she is with the great Chris Serico on his new podcast talking all things pop culture. Um, she hasn’t seen “The Wire,” guys. GET HER. (Pop On The Clock)

But at least she’s seen “Lost,” which is more that we can say for Chris. For those of you still licking your wounds after the traumatic “Lost” finale, J.J. Abrams challenges you to come up with a better ending. The folks over at io9 were like, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” How about you? Any ideas on how the series should have ended? (io9)

You know me, I would have opted for slow-mo footage of Kate getting smacked in the face over and over and over. Josh over at Warming Glow takes that concept one step further and asks which shows would be best served by killing off a main character. You know, narrative-wise. Not schadenfreude-wise. Whelp, he chose the wrong Botwin and the wrong woman on “Justified,” but at least he got it right with Betty Draper and I love his idea for “Dexter.” (Warming Glow)

Speaking of our favorite serial killer, everything I know about blood spatter I learned from him. Here’s some more information via a fantastic infographic entitled “A Bloody Mess” (Geek Girl Diva)

You know what else is a bloody mess? The backlash against the new bi-racial Spider-Man. (LEAVE DONALD GLOVER ALONE!) Here is a round-up of some truly charming reactions. (Bleeding Cool)

Another, less incendiary controversy in the comics world is the new Wonder Woman design. Apparently there’s a debate as to whether the lady should go pantsless. I say, EVERYBODY SHOULD GO PANTSLESS. Ahem, exhibits A through Mmmmmm: (Fashionably Geek)

Oh and if you’re wondering what to do with all them extra pants, these folks have a “good” idea. By “good” I mean batsh*t insane. (Laps of Luxury)

But while we’re on the subject of ladies and comics (We WERE, remember? Before the pants thing?), former Pajiba writer Drew Morton has an idea about raising awareness for female comics] book fans. (The Cinema Doctor)

My favorite female comic book fan, Felicia Day, is the subject of this interesting and highly complimentary Forbes profile. (Forbes)

Oh don’t pretend you’re too cool to like Felicia Day. Nobody is so coated in cool as to be impervious to her charms. No, not even you, hipsters. Speaking of which, this, this right here, this is the best hipster-related thing EVER. EVER. I want to show it to the world. And I’m starting with you. Can these puppets explain planking to me next?

Okay, this may not be my kind of music, but color me impressed by this guy and his home-made guitar which has, what, eleventy billion strings? Crazy, ya dig?

Joanna Robinson didn’t know admin was such a fan of LL Cool J. Joanna says knock you out. She also takes back that thing she said about E on “Entourage.” As of three seasons ago (when she stopped watching), he was quite nice.

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