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Who Wouldn't Want To Be The Meat In This Insanely Dapper British Sandwich?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 19, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 19, 2011 |

Merry Everything, my dears! The holidays came early for North Korea as “supreme leader” and general f*ckhead, Kim Jong-Il passed away yesterday. You might think that this amazing tumblr of Kim Jong-Il lookiing at things would be the weirdest way to remember him, but you’d be wrong. Because Jong-Il once made a monster movie. How’d he do it? Why through coercion, kidnapping and brutality of course! (io9)

Why was Jong-Il so ronery? Well, I would imagine it has something to do with being a f*ckhead. That’s a bit of a dealbreaker. One of my favorite magazines, GOOD, has been running a “Dealbreaker” series all year. Here’s the “best of.” (GOOD)

Ah, but I can’t imagine what either Colin Firth or Gary Oldman could possibly do to make me kick them out of bed. Eat all the crackers you like, fellas. No, Gary, you can keep that extraordinarily feminine scarf. I’m down with it. (Celebitchy)

I expect, if anyone were to take you for a romantic weekend to this Hello Kitty suite, that might constitute a dealbreaker. It’s absolutely terrifying. (The Chive)

Speaking of cuddly cartoons, the Atlanta Braves are in a fight with Pixar over their upcoming film Brave. Because they’re afraid their fans will get … confused? Really? Why, because Tommy Hanson is a ginger? They don’t all look alike! Gingerists. (Bleeding Cool)

THAT WAS A SPORTS JOKE, YOU GUYS! Did I do it right? Anyway, Google is knee deep in the holiday spirit with these two cute gimmicks. Firstly, you can arrange to have Santa call a friend of yours. (Send A Call From Santa) And, secondly, if you type “Let It Snow” into the Googles, something magical happens. Here, I did it for you. (Let It Snow)

And here, as a holiday treat from me to you, is my new favorite version of A Christmas Story.

Do you have a little Neanderthal you have in you? Would you like to? 23 And Me will analyze your DNA to tell you how much. (23andMe)

And bringing out the Neanderthal in all of us, the banging body of Helen Mirren. Seriously, this woman must write a book immediately with ALL her secrets. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of books I would love to read, Dr. Seuss does the Wu Tang Clan? THE WU TANG CLAN DOES “DOCTOR WHO”? Okay. (Eye Suck Ink)

And for the bloody minded among you, here is the perfect stocking stuffer. A Marie Antoinette action figure … with detachable head! (Who Killed Bambi?)

And, finally, Kim Jong-Il was not the only casualty this weekend. The lovely Cesaria Evora passed away. If you don’t know the name, you’ll likely know the voice. She was magnificent live and will be missed. (NYMag)

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