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Who Makes the List of the 20 Most Annoying Characters in the History of Television?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 16, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 16, 2012 |

Quick programming note: The amazing Courtney Enlow is leaving us for a short while, until sometime this summer, as she readies herself for motherhood. She’s going to be an amazing mom, and we’re going to miss the hell out of her while she’s out. But she will be back this summer. In the meantime, Kathy Benjamin — an Austin-based writer who has written for MentalFloss and Cracked — is going to be covering her Tuesday/Thursday slots in the interim. Be nice to her, and wish Mrs. Enlow well.

EW lists the 20 Most Annoying Characters in Television History, and I take issue with a lot of the omissions (Lori Grimes, Tara from “Sons of Anarchy,” Julie Benz’ character from “Dexter”) and some of the oddball inclusions (Lutz from “30 Rock”? How does he rank?). But you “Buffy” fans should have some meat to chew on. (Entertainment Weekly)

Look: I know parents are awfully fond of oversharing, but listen to me, OK. I know that parenting can literally be a shit-show, but that doesn’t give any of you the right to DESCRIBE IN DETAIL YOUR BABY’S DOOKIE. Not cool. And please, if you have to cut off your child’s poop with a knife, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. (STFU Parents)

Here’s a list of 14 short-lived film-to-TV adaptations, including Ferris Bueller, which as you may recall starred Jennifer Aniston in Jennifer Grey’s role. (AV Club)

In this interview, Christopher Nolan — responsible for some of the most groundbreaking, innovative movies in recent memory — explains why he’s a traditionalist. (

Speaking of Nolan, Tom Hardy is raising the possibility that his Bane character could be laughed right out of the theater. (FSR)

This is fantastic, via one of our favorite Eloquents, Bert, here’s are fictional character birthdays for every day of the year. I share my birthday with Noruto’s Mubi. How about you? (Flavorwire)

Here are six reasons that Gaming just isn’t as much fun once you turn 30. (Number 7: Because now you can have sex on the regular?) (GammaSquad)

Are you a big fan of the “Mad Men” theme song but disappointed that you can’t sing along? Now there are lyrics! They are … er … inspired. (The Blogulator)

Amanda Seyfried has apparently broken up with Josh Hartnett. In other news, Josh Hartnett is still alive! (Celebitchy)

Here are five movies narrated by dead people. Surely, there are more than five, right? What else? (Unreality)

This is great, and it just goes to show: If you work hard, if you are nice to people, and you make an effort to leave the world a little better than you entered it, good things will happen, like Good Samaritan Ashton Kutcher is now dating Mila Kunis. Oh, wait: Take everything I said in the preceding statement and reverse it. (NYPost)

Kelsey Grammar — now on his fourth wife — made this one special by tattooing her name on his hip. Her name reminds me of the a scene between Steven Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker in L.A. Story, when Martin asks how she spells her name: SanDeE*. (Evil Beet)

Your first look at the “Firefly” mini-reunion on “Castle” tonight is … not really that exciting. (I09)

This is a first, I think: Did you love The Looper trailer? (Well, why not? It was fantastic.) If so, Rian Johnson provides director commentary. (Slashfilm)

Hey! Guess which real-life cyborg may host or cameo on “Saturday Night Live.” NO. Don’t click. I said GUESS. (WarmingGlow)

Julia Louis Dreyfus and Michelle Obama: Who is doing the photobombing, and who is being photobombed? (Buzzfeed)

Have you always wondered why dogs stick their head out of windows? NOW YOU KNOW. (MentalFloss)

Finally via Ms. Robinson (in the comments), possibly inspired by Fredo’s Eloquent Eloquence Worthy Comment, someone has assembled the definitive Fat Betty Anthem. WARNING: It’s catchy.

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