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Which Hollywood Actor or Actress Has The Best Natural B*tchface?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 18, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 18, 2012 |

As the catty chicas over at Celebitchy mention, Natalie Portman gives the most effortless b*tchface around. Though there’s an actress further down the Love Links today who wore the B*tchface Crown all through the 90s. And don’t even come at me with that Michelle Rodriguez crap. She has B*tch I Will Cut You Face. Totally different. (Celebitchy)

Cuteface Mindy Kaling let Glamour dress her up as Marge Simpson…and I’m not exactly sure why. (Glamour)

Which is worse, a wild fire or a tornado? How about a wild fire being sucked up into a tornado? That’s right. (The Australian)

Go ahead and cool down with these dew-soaked insects. Dew is kind of like nature’s bedazzler, hunh? (Colossal)

Art students in Ontario are being forced to buy a $180 art text book with…oh yeah, no photos in it. An artless textbook. The students are, justifiably, protesting. (Boing Boing)

I love all of these “how to describe nerdy TV shows” comics and will be adding “Also, Dragons” to the end of every pitch I make for “Game Of Thrones.” Also my fantasy football team is now called “Touchdown Abbey.” Deal with it. (Nerd Approved)

Have I mentioned how excited I am for the return of “Parks and Rec”? I might maybe have. Anyway, NBC has five great videos to get you all squirmy for Thursday’s premiere. (Uproxx)

What’s the opposite of b*tchface? Whatever it is, JGL has it. Watch him snuggle up to a model in increasingly tailored duds for Glamour magazine. Way to redeem yourself after that Marge Simpson thing, Glamour. (T&L)

Bust out your prepositional phrases, scientists have made some monkeys smarter by using brain implants. Oh this will end quite well, I can tell. (io9)

Sound nerds/enthusiasts may scoff, but I like this nifty gadget that transfers cassette tapes onto your iPod is aces. I STILL HAVE ALL MY MIXED TAPES! (Bag of Nothing)

Here she is, queen of the 90s B*tchface, the lovely Parker Posey with a PSA on how to accept an Emmy for all attendees of Sunday’s ceremony. Where will you be Sunday? You’ll be here with Courtney, of course.

Finally, the very best beer commercial I’ve ever seen. Ever. What’s Australian for “suck it, Fosters”?(via WG)

Joanna Robinson wonders if you’ve ever seen The Anniversary Party. You should.

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