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When the Trade News Pubs Refer to You as Unpleasant, Difficult, Entitled, and Ungrateful, You May Have an Image Problem

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 12, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 12, 2013 |

Sad news to report today, as a lot of talented film critics lost their gigs last night, when MSN axed its freelance budget and threw in the towel on original content, sending a mass email to the freelancers to let them know they’d been fired. It’s just the latest outlet to cut movie reviews, and it means one less outlet for some of our favorite critics, like William Goss and Kate Erbland. Movie reviewing is a tough racket financially, folks, but goddamnit, even if the page views are one-third of what an SRL will bring in, we here will keep finding ways. It hardly seems worth it all if we can’t continue to do the one thing that brought most of us into this business. Good luck to Goss, Erbland, and the rest of the MSNers. (IndieWire)

Meanwhile, the money continues to flow through Kickstarter for some projects, while other projects featuring the likes of Thora Birch and Heather Matarazzo are stuck at $11. Yes, that’s not a typo. Have we already forgotten Ghost World and Welcome to the Dollhouse? (Kickstarter)

You will not find a more accurate title card for Game of Thrones than this. (PreviouslyTV)

A woman has written a book after experimenting with becoming a submissive wife for a year, and she found the results “liberating.” I’m sure her husband, meanwhile, found his marriage to be boring and unchallenging. (Today)

Along that same vein, a Catholic website explains why women should not go to college. I’m assuming it’s because it will encourage them not to be submissive. (Jezebel)

Last night’s episode of The League was fucking phenomenal, although some are suggesting the level of cruelty went too far. Here were the best lines, in Meme form. (Uproxx)


Saoirse Ronan is trying out a new fashion craze. It’s called: “Run Over by a Truck.” It’s not working for her. (GFY)

Unpleasant, greedy, rude, alienating, disloyal and narcissistic are just a few of the words that used to describe Rainbow Killer herself, Katherine Heigl. Sounds about right. (Celebitchy)

The mass hysteria that led to the hanging of 20 women in the Salem Witch Trials may be contagious, and if may be spreading through Facebook. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIKE BUTTON. (

Brad Pitt cut his long, flowing, greasy hair. Good riddance. (Dlisted)

You may not love the Fast & Furious franchise, but you have to appreciate the actors they convince to be in them. The latest is just a notch below The Rock. YES! (Slashfilm)

DC Comics has redefined disappointment by launching an EXTREMELY objectionable PR campaign to promote the upcoming Harley Quinn comic book series. (Underscoopfire)

Los Pollos Hermanos now has a Yelp page, where you can air your grievances about the drop-off in the quality of food since the death of its owner. It’s why Walter White is looking so glum in this photo. (WG)

Finally, the internet’s most brilliant interviewer, Mike Ryan, takes Jason Reitman into strange waters, where at one point, Reitman sh*ts all over the Garbage Pail Movie. Reitman eventually suggests that no one will finish the interview, but I defied that prediction, damnit. (HuffPo)

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