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When It Comes to Financial Decisions and Health Care, Men's Brains Are Just Better. Am I Right, Ladies?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 13, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 13, 2013 |

Every state has a crazy or two among their political ranks, and in my home state of Maine, we count Rep. Ken Fredette among them, after he asserted that a “man’s brain” actually cares about health care costs, while a “female brain” just thinks “free money!” (Salon)

And yet, I goddamn guarantee it was a dumbass “man’s brain” that thought it would be funny to create a “Baywatch”-run tribute with Honey Boo Boo’s mom. It’s not. (Buzzfeed)

It’s an excruciatingly slow week for television. Outside of Sunday night shows, I haven’t watched a damn thing. Fortunately, “Breaking Bad” is set to return in August. Here are six things we learned about the final season from Vince Gilligan. (WG)

There’s more than Breaking Bad to look forward to, though, as Paul Tassi looks ahead at five TV Shows we should be excited about. (Unreality)

Eddie Murphy’s daughter says that models eat cotton soaked in orange juice, and while that sounds terribly unhealthy, there has to be something said for the ability to poop pillows. (Celebitchy)

These images from inside Japan’s most expensive fruit parlor are insane. The fruit is so beautiful I’d almost be willing to pay $212 for a square watermelon. I don’t think I could eat it. I would cradle it in orange-juice soaked pillows and admire it. (BF)

Speaking of Japan, uh, the kids lick each other’s eyeballs over there, which has led to an outbreak of conjuctivities. Apparently, licking eyeballs is the new second base. (Gawker)

These honest movie posters for Disney movies are pretty fantastic. I am particularly fond of the new title for The Little Mermaid: Change For Your Man. That sounds about right. (The FW)

What if there were two Anna Kendricks? The world couldn’t contain them. (I appreciate any effort, no matter how transparent, to talk more about Anna Kendrick.)(Underscoopfire)

Speaking of Disney, here are six accurate fairy tales for the modern woman. (The Hairpin)

Those Christian crazies, The One Million Moms, have a bug up their ass again, this time over Kraft ad featuring a naked man’s erection covered with a picnic blanket. I’M SO OFFENDED. (Uproxx)

You know what I find offensive? A blonde, suit-wearing, straight-laced Taylor Kitsch. WALL STREET FOREVER. (Dlisted)

If you don’t love Lake Bell yet, it’s only because you haven’t seen “Children’s Hospital.” She’s coming out with a new movie called In a World, where she’s an aspiring movie-trailer narrator. Nick Offerman is also in it.. (Vulture)

The Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks and Tom Tykwer are reuniting, which would be great but for the fact that it’s for a film adaptation of Dave Egger’s A Hologram for the King, and honestly, that book was a slog. (Slashfilm)

Thanks to evolution, this is what the human face will look like in 10,000 years. DON’T LOOK. (Yahoo)

Here’s your favorite new tumblr: Hipsters who dress like Jackie from “Roseanne.” (Tumblr)

Finally, here’s a fascinating piece on a legal ruling regarding unpaid internships in Hollywood, and what it means for the future of unpaid internships. (FSR)

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