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What Do I Know About Those Stolen Nude Photos of Eva Mendes? Nothing! Ummm. I Was Dead At The Time! I Was On The Moon! With Steve!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 24, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 24, 2011 |

Hello my darling asymmetrical haircuts and skinny jeans. Listen, you’ll never win Hipster Bingo if you can’t readily identify a hipster when you see one. Here’s an exhaustive breakdown of hipster components. It’s also exhausting. So much effort goes into looking like you don’t care! (The High Definite)

James Franco, the uber hipster, has been posting some twee behind-the-scenes footage of Oscar rehearsals. This one, of Franco and Anne Hathaway rehearsing a Grease number looks like it was shot by Zapruder. I will say, Anne is ROCKING the Olivia Newton-John “Bad Sandy” look. (NY Mag)

But, you know, some people don’t even need skin tight Sandy pants to look good. My favorite non-Pajiba film reviewer, Stephanie Zacharek, once described Eva Mendes’ anatomy thusly, “[her] derrière looks as if it were plucked from God’s personal peach orchard.” That was six years ago…I’ll never forget. No wonder someone stole Eva’s nudie photos. (The Age)

Now if only some nudie photos of my Scottish boyfriend, James McAvoy, would go missing as well…only to be found in my computer. We’ll just have to settle for him talking about the new X-Men movie and the ins and outs (dirty!) of Professor X and Magneto’s bromance. BROMANCE. FASSBENDER!!! (LA Times)

And speaking of beautiful mutants, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock!) and Jonny Lee Miller are currently appearing onstage in Danny Boyle’s production of “Frankenstein.” The two gents have been switching between the roles of the good doctor and monster every other night. Let’s go everyo-ooooooh, cor, blimey, it’s in London. Well, at least The National Theater (bless) will be broadcasting the production to movie theaters across the U.S. in March. You can find both the creepy advert for the show as well as a list of movie theaters carrying the broadcast by clicking this link. I know, I love you too. (Slash Film)

Enough of that Erudition crap, amirite? Did you know both Jennifer Aniston AND Justin Bieber got earth-shatteringly different haircuts this week? Of course you know. No one will shut up about it. You can see Jen’s here: (Socialite Life) and read the heart-breaking story of how Biebs lost a 80,000 followers on Twitter in the wake of his cut here: (Metro)

Far sadder than the fickle nature of 80,000 teenaged twitwits, is the early passing of one of my favorite comedians, Mitch Hedberg (I know, seamless transition, right?). Today would have been his 43rd birthday and I celebrated by reading some of ze best Mitch jokes. (Sharenator)

Ah, this handy slideshow breaks down the evolution of our favorite actor/rapper from Ice Cube to Nice Cube. Actually, my favorite actor/rapper is mos def Mos Def. Most definitely. (Film Drunk)

Okay, it’s not Science Friday, but there IS a shuttle launch today (oooh-di-lally!). You can watch live, streaming footage of it on NASA’s site. (NASA)

If I’m being honest, the opening of the shuttle launch is a little bo-oring at the moment. Here, you can pass the time until the launch by looking at Film’s 50 Greatest Opening Titles (or pass the time by, like, working at your job or whatever). This list loses cred with the Link Wench for excluding Trainspotting (Ewan! Iggy Pop! The tightest jeans of all time!). They do, however, win a lot of points by ranking Watchmen so high. I hate Snyder in general, but that opening sequence was worth the price of admission. (IFC)

You know who I love in general? Willem Dafoe. Here he is being da foe-diggity in an unusual Jim Beam ad. I love it. Especially the fashion model part. No one twirls a more indolent finger.

And I leave you, my little lumberjacks, with this awesome animated video that is both cute, visually interesting, and has a message. That’s a hard trio to pull off! It’s like the WALL-E of youtube videos!

Joanna Robinson is probably the only person in the world who didn’t love the little robotic pants off of WALL-E. She liked it, she just doesn’t want to have its trash heap babies. [email protected]

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