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What Did Beyonce Wear To The Met Costume Gala? Um, Not Much. Not Much At All.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2012 |

Likely most of you already saw this magnificent XKCD comic which proudly proclaims that every major’s terrible. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN IT SUNG ALOUD TO GILBERT AND SULLIVAN WITH FULL-SUPPORTING HORSE PUPPET CHORUS? No you have not. Lord bless you, internet. (Neatorama)

I love oral histories of TV shows. This one for “Party Down” is probably my favorite. But this lengthy exploration of one of my favorite cultural touchstones, “Friends,” is fantastic as well and full of fun trivial tidbits. Did you know that Eric McCormack (aka Will of “Will & Grace”) auditioned for Ross? You guys, what if Ross hadn’t been a giant tool shed for several seasons?! Would we ever have experienced the joy of “PIVAHT”!? (VF)

Okay this is a heartbreaking piece so I’m going to get it out of the way. Here are some harrowing images from 2010’s BP oil spill. If you are on the weepy end of the spectrum, I suggest you skip them. (Mother Jones)

Let’s switch to comelier views! Here is the magnificent Beyonce in nothing more than illusion netting and few stray feathers at the NY Met Costume Gala. Worry not, there’s a close-up photo of her derriere. No one was sleeping on the job, here. (Celebitchy)

The Beyonce *ss shot is to photographers what Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” is to youtube “artists.” That being said, these cute kids (siblings?) lip synching to it in the back seat of the car? They are emoting all the emotions. (Buzzfeed)

Here are 100 pieces of advice from movies…I didn’t say it was good advice. (Shortlist)

Here’s some Star Wars merch sure to piss Lucas off. Though the shirt shown below is one of several, it’s clearly the best. We need more apparel with the word “scoundrel” on it. (BioTV)

Speaking of Star Wars did you look outside Saturday night and intone “That’s no moon!” Good, I’m proud of you. Here are some gorgeous shots of the “Super Moon” from the San Francisco Bay Area. (SFist)

Speaking of the Bay Area, apparently the laddish cast of the Star Trek sequel have been gadding about the place, sampling our finer establishments. I hope they enjoyed the haute cuisine at…um…Hooters. Anyway, here the boys (Quinto, Pegg, Cumberbatch and Pine) document their evening out via Twitter. (Uproxx)

Though we’re not sure whether or not the show will be renewed next season, Dustin has some ideas about how NBC could make “The Office” enjoyable again. Stop. You had me at Olyphant. (WG)

The lovely Lena Headey (Cersei from “Game of Thrones”) will be playing a mightily disfigured villain in the upcoming Judge Dredd remake. Look what they did to her beautiful (b*tch)face. (Bleeding Cool)

Speaking of upcoming sci-fi films, Prometheus has received an R-rating. I think you know what that means. Fassbender Sexbot Bum! (Screen Junkies)

Have you seen these old class photos of the cast of The Avengers yet? Trust me, it’s worth it for Renner’s mullet alone. (Reddit)

9Gag has a round-up of sassy comebacks from history. As per usual, Winston Churchill is the king of sass. (9Gag)

Unreality has a list of self-aware films. That first one there? Nightmares for years. (Unreality)

Finally, to get your mojo rising today, we have the sequel to last year’s amazing Glove, Actually cinematic slap supercut.