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What, Are You Lactose Intolerant? Snack On Some Brie

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 4, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 4, 2011 |

Happy Friday my little Road Warriors, as I stare across the barren wasteland that is the internet landscape this morning I wonder, where have all the good links gone? It’s barrel scrapings for us today, I’m afraid. Perhaps everyone is busy marinating their wings and layering their dips? Seems a bit premature. Well, here they are, the tastiest scraps I could scrounge.

[ETA] Whoa, my little men and women of constant sorrow. After I published today’s column I found this link which might be the coolest thing I have seen on the internet all week. Did you know Pappy O’Daniel was a real person? Well he was and he is just one of a host of Coen Brothers characters on this magnificent, sprawling infographic. Feast your eyes. (Fast Co. Design)

Good god, woman, do you have, like, a rare allergy to cotton and denim and silk and satin? Click to see the oh-so-infrequent site of Olivia Wilde nearly nude. (Socialitelife)

How long is too long for a hug? Do you endorse Kenneth Parcell’s ten second rule? Science Mag says most people get uncomfortable after three. (Science Mag)

Okay, I actually may now be on board with the new Starbucks Trenta size. (Laughing Squid)

Honestly, it’s a sad news day when Charlie Sheen is the voice of reason. (SF Gate)

This is pretty nifty, and many thanks to the lovely Mrs. Julien for sending it my way. Project Gutenberg has over 33,000 free books available for download to your electronic reader of choice. These are older titles that are free because their copyright has expired so you won’t find “Twilight.” You can, however, find Dickens, Austen, Melville, etc. The most popular download? Why, the “Kama Sutra,” of course. (Gutenberg)

For those of you who don’t care to partake of that slice of Brie cheese, may I interest you in some HAAAAMMMM? Did you know that he worked in soft-core porn, figs? (Celebitchy)

Thanks to Replica and the folks at Sony Pictures, you can spend the rest of your work day streaming The Social Network soundtrack at your desk. Say what you will about the film, Trent Reznor’s soundtrack is easy on the ears. (Sony Pictures)

I’m about to put forth an unpopular opinion. I find Russell Brand to be utterly charming. Does he look like he has, all the STDs? Yes. Does he have horrible taste in pop star wives? You bet. But he gave an interview last October that won me over entirely. His book is a great read and even here, where he compares smooching Jennifer Garner to eating red velvet cake, I find I am completely delighted by him. (Evil Beet Gossip)

Hey! “The Walking Dead” may come lumbering back onto your screens earlier than expected! (Warming Glow)

If this is the case, I know what I’ll be snacking on during the premiere. (Living With Bloodlust)

Check out this stellar(!) flow chart to find out which Star Wars occupation you are best suited for. I got…Ewok Chief. Yup, that sounds about right for a hippie girl from California. Cue the music…Jub Jub. (io9)

And, speaking of dancing. Have you ever wondered what your Link Wench looks like when she cuts a rug? You have, haven’t you? It keeps you awake nights. Well, wonder no longer because this glorious man is about as close as it gets.

Yesterday some people called into question the delectability of the lethally cute Alison Brie. In case you didn’t watch Community last night, here she is, in all her doe-eyed glory, engaging in some seduction, D&D style. If you saw this clip already, you might be interested in a behind the scenes video which involves some of the dialogue sans music. If you’re impatient, skip to 1:40. Click here to enjoy!

Joanna Robinson feels a bit like The Walking Dead herself. Send any of your homeopathic remedies, including a piping bowl of virtual soup, here: [email protected]

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