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We've Got Sexy Photos of Jon Hamm Here. Let The Rivers Of Drool Wash Your Soul Clean.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 12, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 12, 2011 |

Things got a little heated around these Pajiba parts yesterday. Specifically on the subject of objectification without equal representation. To that I say poppycock, flimflammery, and stuff and nonsense. Speaking of objectification and heating your Pajiba parts, Celebitchy has the lovers of the male form well covered this morning with both Alexander Skarsgard and Jon Hamm. (Celebitchy)

And for you lovers of lady parts (I may have neglected to mention, but that includes meeee!!!DKJDW), here’s a round-up the best of Power Girl cosplay. If you don’t know who she is, comic book naifs, she’s the boobiest babe in the galaxy. (Gamma Squad)

See what I did there? That tit for tat? Let the healing begin. While we’re on the subject of gorgeous comic book ladies, check out these absolutely stunning Alphonse Mucha-inspired X-men t-shirts. I want them all. (Comics Alliance)

Let’s side step the overt ogling for a moment a check out Unreality’s list of film’s scariest monsters. I’m so on board. You know why? NO CGI. Also, my dad used to do a dead-on creepy Skeksi impersonation so their image is emblazoned on the fear center of my brain. (Unreality)

Speaking of make-up effects, have a listen to Reject Radio’s interview with legendary make-up effects artist Shannon Shea. This week’s episode also features stunt-artist Vic Armstrong. I’m not an expert when it comes to stunts, but Armstrong had FSR’s Cole Abaius all sweaty-palmed, so I gather it’s a big deal. (Film School Rejects)

I, on the other hand, got rather sweaty-palmed at this image of David Tennant from the new Fright Night film and not quite in a sexy/stammery way. (Screen Rant)

Bad news for jM(happy belated birthday!!) and the rest of you who get sweaty-palmed at the idea of sexual relations with pandas. Florida has written a law to make sex with animals illegal. This will come into effect this October. Oh, one tiny little detail, HUMANS ARE ANIMALS, YOU NUMSKULLS. (Southern Fried Science)

Honestly, that last article sounds like a “South Park” plot to me. Speaking of good old Trey and Matt, you can listen to their hit Broadway show “The Book of Mormon” in its entirety on NPR. The show is up for an avalanche of Tony Awards and I have heard nothing but positive reviews so I’m going to be giving it a listen later today. (NPR)

Speaking of musicals, check out this adorable video of Patrick Stewart treading the boards of the Enterprise bridge. This is why Next Gen. will always be my favorite “Star Trek.” Capt. Picard singing and dancing was my Favorite TV Actor Thing I Saw Today until I clicked on this supercut of Donald Glover losing his sh*t on “Community.” (Warming Glow)

In 1967 a Palo Alto high school teacher tried a social experiment on his students to teach them a lesson about fascism. The experiment got mildly out of control and there’s a new documentary out (The Lesson Plan) produced by one of the students chronicling both the experiment and subsequent mind-f*ckery. Check it out, I got the Jonestownian heebie-jeebies. (Libertas)

And even if you’re not reveling in the social experiments and mind-f*ckery of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” you can appreciate this article on the art behind its intensely creative opening titles. This whole site is fascinating, actually. (Art of The Title Sequence)

For you know, my little sans-seriphim, that I love a well executed video that integrates words, words, wooooords. Enjoy this lovely typographical rendering of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”

And, finally, many thanks to the_wakeful for making me aware of this Sagan Series. I’ve posted the previous installments and you can enjoy Part 3 below and Part 4 here. Is Carl a little preachy? Maybe, but he does it so well.

Joanna Robinson really does wish jM the happiest of late birthdays. jM, may the world’s panda population be slow and surprised by your tender ministrations and may not a one of them ever elude your grasp. Email! Twitter!

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