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Well, Why the Hell Do the Comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill About POTUS Not Represent ESPN, Huh?

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 12, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 12, 2017 |

Idris is at TIFF for a movie or movies or something, I don’t know. He may be in New York. I don’t know! I saw these pictures of him in this white sweater and I kind of stopped comprehending the rest of the words on the page. I’m sorry. - (LG)

Last night, Beth Mowins announced the play-by-play on Monday Night Football (Broncos won - barely). You might be shrugging your shoulders and thinking, “Ok, so?” Beth is the first woman to call an NFL game on national tv. How is it even possible that it took this long? Wow. Way to go, Beth! - (CNN)

In a somewhat related note, ESPN released this statement today: “The Comments today from Jemele Hill regarding the President do not represent the position of ESPN.” My question? WHY THE HELL NOT, ESPN?

Nut the fuck up, ESPN, and support your employees instead of silencing them for speaking the goddamn truth. For the record, here’s the Official Pajiba Statement Re: The Comments of Jemele Hill: “She ain’t wrong.” (Uproxx)

Here’s some positive election news, though: In Oklahoma — OKLAHOMA — Democrats have taken back two state congressional seats in districts where Trump won by double digit points, and the same has happened in one NH seat so far, tonight.

There are some great pictures in this slideshow from the front rows at NYFW. I love the beginning with Dr. Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland! EEEEEEE! (If you didn’t watch Hart of Dixie you have no idea what I’m squeeing about - it’s ok, just let me have this moment) But this picture of these 4 ladies having a BLAST has to be my favorite. Love it! Love them! - (GFY)

There’s a new kind of chocolate. So now there are 3 (I refuse to acknowledge white chocolate as chocolate) - milk, dark, and ruby chocolate. - (IFL)

Has anyone been keeping up with the Mel B. divorce proceedings? I mean, other than I’m pretty sure her ex is a fucking scumbag asshole, I’m really not all that interested in the details of their marriage and/or divorce. However, now reading that Mel may have sent a text to intimidate someone from testifying - MEL, ARE YOU GODDAMN STUPID? YOU DON’T TEXT THAT SHIT! God. It’s like you want to get investigated for witness tampering. - (Dlisted)

Holy shit, poor Busy Phillips! She had to go to the ER for an ovary that flipped over, which sounds dreadful. And I know this isn’t the important thing, but I love that she’s in the ER, for a “female problem”, wearing that sweatshirt. She’s the best and I adore the friendship between her and Michelle Williams. - (Celebitchy)

Alfie thinks Fen is unlike anyone he’s met before, except they have met. They went to school together. Alfie was in the closet and Fen refused to lie about who he was. Lane describes Alexis Hall’s Pansies as "stinking charming" and "funny and heartfelt and hot." What really connected with her was the exploration of how our childhoods form our lives. What would you do if your childhood enemy tried to pick you up at a bar? - (Cannonball Read 9)

Awww, remember Patrick Stewart’s foster dog Ginger Gurl (of course you do)? Here’s a lovely update on her.

I never imagined that 8 years on I’d still be fascinated with and completely enamored of a cat on the internet, but Maru is Maru and how can you not adore that squishball? Watch him get comfy here, but don’t stop after his first attempt at comfort - watch until the end.

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