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Watch That First Step, It's A Doozy!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 2, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 2, 2011 |

Happy Groundhog Day, y’all! You guys know that face up in the header photo, right? Stephen? Stephen Tobolowsky? He’s only one of my favorite character actors. He’s played Ned Ryerson (of the needle nose), Werner Brandes (he of the passport voice) and Sammy Jankis (remember?). Well, if you don’t know his work, you sure as heckfire should. You also want to click on this link and learn 12 new tasty facts about the film “Groundhog Day.” Am I right or am I right? Right? Right! (Buzzfeed)

All right my little otter pops and eskimo pies, please exercise caution when shoveling those walks, I would hate for your little tickers to give out. Slate has some tips. (Slate)

Best avoid the shoveling altogether, no? Hunker down, heat up some soup while jM and I challenge you to a game of “Arrested Development” Clue. (Pleated Jean)

Not your thing? How about this Ferris Bueller board game? If it’s not already a rule that you have to shout out “I’M THE SAUSAGE KING OF CHICAGO” when you win, I’m making it one. (Maxim Dalton)

Having never been part of the traditional office rat race, I fear I have missed out on a lot of important things like water cooler chats, Secret Santas and the unintentional hilarity of sexual harassment training. (The Hairpin)

See, in an attempt to avoid racing those rats, I was a book slave for many many years. That’s why these images of cringe-inducing book displays hurt me more than they hurt you. (Next Round)

But just when I’ve zipped up my cranky pants and am ready to bemoan the state of today’s illiterate youth, I see a story like this one of young Egyptian citizens rallying around the Alexandria Library to protect it from the mob of protesters. It makes my cranky pants fall right to the floor. (NY Books)

WHOA, looks like it’s West Virginia that’s for lovers. Mountain Mamas indeed. (Animal New York)

Okay, how strong is your stomach? Pretty strong? If so, and you can endure some guh-narly blister/burn shots, this is the COOLEST FRICKING THING I’VE SEEN IN THE LAST TEN MINUTES. No seriously, it’s science and it’s cool. Did my caps not convince you, TK? Then I have two words: “skin gun.” (Youtube)

Hey you Pajibans with wee little Rembrandts and Picassos at home, check out these ridiculously cool artistic renderings of children’s sketches. (Pxleyes)

Because I know you fire dumplings like to make food on snow days, here’s a splendid little recipe blog for the everyday chef. (Our Everyday Dinners)

Here’s an awesome website where anyone can posts goods and services they would offer for $5. What would you Pajibans do for $5? No, on second thought, don’t answer that, you adorable sickos. (Fiverr)

The magnificent Joshua Horowitz, my new favorite interviewer (he’s the one who had the Harry Potter kids try an American accent and made Ryan Gosling read from the “Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling!” tumblr) asked a smattering of actors what The Sundance Film Festival means to them. Come for the James Franco groin kicks, stay for the Stanley Tucci/Jeremy Irons homoeroticism.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

I’m ending the P. Love today on a more serious note and asking you to please check out this 19-year-old kid from Iowa giving an impassioned yet measured speech about growing up with same-sex parents to the Iowa House of Reps, in response to Resolution 6 (which would end civil unions for same-sex couples). [h/t canaux and Zach Wahls for Congress!]

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