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Watch Out Barry Fan-ilows, I'm Starting A Chapter Of The Dakota Fan-nings

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 8, 2011 |

I’ve got a few little rules for Pajiba Love, my little free-spirits. One of them is that I never link to Cracked because everyone and their mother reads Cracked and I feel I’m pointing out the obvious. “Look, my loquacious link hounds, the sky!” I’m breaking this rule today to bring you this Beastmasterful list of ways you can control animals. Alas, alack, there are zero ferret tips. (Cracked)

Speaking of rules, I’m writing myself a cease and desist letter. No more trash-talking Ms. January Jones. Everyone’s on board at this point and it’s like bitching to the bitchy choir. Instead, I’m going to raise my voice up in praise of young Dakota Fanning. “For doing what,” you ask? Well, for being so refreshingly normal. It’s an accomplishment, y’all! I admire both Dakota and her parents. Then again, they did name their daughter Dakota, which is totally a dog name. (Celebitchy)

And while I certainly don’t love Dakota’s The Runaways co-star Kristen Stewart, I did find some of these “20 Best Kristen Stewart Quotes” oddly endearing. For instance, I chortled when she compared her relationship to her cat as a codependent Edward/Bella situation. Bite your lip less! Talk more! Be a less terrible actress! (Socialite Life)

Speaking of felines, please please please, if you enjoy laughter and startlingly realistic human-made cat noises, watch this local commercial for a Cat Hotel. Local commercials are the BEST. (Warming Glow)

I would definitely describe my relationship with typography as an Edward/Bella situation. You know how Edward didn’t think he could possibly love Bella more and then she rescued him from the Volturi? That’s how I felt when I discovered anamorphic typography. (This Is Colossal)

Blech, that hurt. You know who would kick Edward’s mopey, sparkly *ss right outta Forks? (Other than Buffy, of course.) Miss Veronica Mars. The wonderful folks at Blogulater are hosting a bad ass “Veronica Mars” viewing party so if you are anywhere near the Minneapolis area, I urge you to head over. Booze, food, kicky tunes and three episodes of one of the best television shows going. (Gone.) Why don’t they do this where I live? (The Blogulator)

Seriously, if someone wants to start this sort of thing up in San Francisco, I’ll be the first in line. Speaking of TV shows I love, here are a few tv-themed t-shirts from ze interwebs. A brilliant “Doctor Who” design and one of the niftiest “Firefly” shirts I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

If TV tees ain’t your thang, maybe you want to show your love for the peeps at the Alamo Drafthouse with this Magnited Stated of America shirt. Or, possibly, you just want to display some Space Camp pride with this winning NASA/nerd shirt.

Speaking of NASA nerds, did you see this sun eruption video from yesterday? Grade-A space porn, my little solar flares. (Space)

Remember last month all that information came out about how sitting will kill you? Well a few bloggers (including one whose name (sorta) rhymes with “Trusting Souls”) have been trying out the whole “standing desk” concept. Here’s a pretty great write-up from Boing Boing. What do you think, my recumbent recluses? Is the standing desk a change you can believe in? (Boing Boing)

If I get a standing desk, I’m hanging this Monster’s Inc-inspired poster right next to it. It’s the best of this “Pixar Establishments” series. (Unreality)

I know, I know, my immutable mutants, I’ve been doing a lot of X-Men yammering. It’ll stop eventually, but first I have to show you this magnificent Magneto doing a mutant version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” I hope this guy had that Magneto costume lying around. You know, just in cases.

Finally, my mellow cellos, here’s a decidedly unmellow “Welcome To The Jungle.” Rad.

Joanna Robinson is contemplating a trip to Minneapolis for the “Veronica Mars” party. Seriously, when did Minnesota get so cool? Email!

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