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Warning: If You Shush Women During '50 Shades of Grey' They May Stab You With Their Broken Wine Bottle

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | February 17, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | February 17, 2015 |

This is why you do not shush women heckling 50 Shades of Grey: they may stab you with their broken wine bottle. (The Wrap)

Kerry Washington forgot to wear pants to SNL40. And a shirt. She basically just stopped by on her way to a sexy hotel rendezvous. (GFY)

This is a fantastic telling of the strange history and Days of Our Lives origins of Harley Quinn. (Vulture)

Jessica Williams says she will NOT be gunning for the spot of new Daily Show host, on account of being a 25 year old industry newbie and all. She will, however, “troll that ass for years.” (AV Club)

Do you have tissues nearby? Good, but go get more. Then read Bill Murray’s account of the last time he saw Gilda Radner and her impromptu roast that occurred right before she died. (Uproxx)

Lindsay Lohan had already come up with some pretty creative ways to get two weeks of court-mandated community service done in a couple of days: meet and greets with fans are apparently community service; so is letting some college kids carry your shopping bags around London. But now she’s found a less creative, though maybe more effective method: straight up pay-offs. (Celebitchy)

Kanye designed a bulletproof vest for babies. This doesn’t even seem weird to me, coming from Kanye. I’d be surprised if he weren’t designing riot gear for the youth market. (Yahoo)

Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni (aka Stupid Rafael) announced his and his wife’s pregnancy in the most adorable way. (HuffPo)

The new Ghostbusters gathered for a photo at SNL40. (/Film)

The Mars One venture has 100 contestants (narrowed down from thousands) vying to make up the planet’s first colony. Those who are eventually chosen as the winners could be living on Mars as early as 2024. For the rest of us… time to start questioning all of our life choices, I think. (NBC)

And just to push your self-judgement even further: here are a bunch of dogs who are more famous than you. (Phactual)

Amanda was trying to be less of a snob when she picked up Eve of Darkness by Sylvia Day. Unfortunately, "Eve of Darkness did nothing to dispel my disdain for this type of novel [urban pop romance] because Eve of Darkness is terrible on many, many levels." Check out this scathing one-star review and see which was worse, the structure, the characters, or the sex scenes. (Cannonball Read 7)

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