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WANTED: Women Who Passionately Dislike Ryan Gosling. Show Your Face, You Dirty Liars

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 4, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 4, 2012 |

If you haven’t heard yet, America’s greatest real-life action hero, Ryan Gosling — who broke up a street fight last year — saved a woman’s life yesterday. Just another day for Baby Goose. (Buzzfeed)

Meanwhile, a journalist is putting a call out for women who dislike Ryan Gosling for an article he’s writing. DOES THIS WOMAN EXIST. SHOW YOUR FACE. NOW HIDE IT IN DISGRACE. Have some respect, people. Ryan Gosling in a goddamn national treasure. (Videogum)

“Happy Endings” ends its second season tonight, and to honor its greatness, I give you the 80 Greatest GIFs from the series. Pick a favorite. Mine is #63: Eliza Coupe taking a shotgun to Casey Wilson. Ah-Mah-Zing. Check it out. DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY. (WarmingGlow)

Speaking of shotguns, you can now blow up the New York Times website, Asteroids-style. (Kotaku)

This gallery of “Game of Thrones” cosplay reminds me of all those memorable days I would’ve spent at Ren Faire back in the 90s if I weren’t afraid of being beat up. It’s tough out there for nerdy guys who look like frat boys: We get beat up by everyone. (Unreality)

I realize I’ll probably get in trouble again for applauding this piece hours after this post, but: Yes, yes, thank you Celebitchy: It doesn’t matter how much weight a woman gains when she’s pregnant, she gets A FREE PASS. Nine months immunity from YOUR BITCHY FUCKING JUDGEMENTS. Even if it is Jessica Simpson. Also, come on: The husbands should get a little leeway too. Their wives are eating for two (or three!), and they don’t like to eat alone, you know. (Celebitchy)

While we’re on the subject, it probably comes as no surprise to many of you, but Facebook can also ruin your self-image. (Jezebel)

This is a really sticky situation. Noted asshole, Max Tucker, has apparently sought therapy and is working on being less of a douchebag. As part of it, he donated $500,000 to Planned Parenthood. However, Planned Parenthood declined the donation because it doesn’t want to be associated with Tucker Max. Fair enough. On the other hand, I also agree with this statement from Max Tucker: “I thought Planned Parenthood’s mission was about helping women, not passing judgment on humor.” I think Tucker is evil incarnate, but a half a million dollars could do a lot of good for the organization. (FilmDrunk)

You may recall Scarlett Johansson’s chair fight from The Avengers, which I posted just this morning. The fight may also look familiar to you from ANOTHER movie. No offense, ScarJo, but The Statham wins every. single. time. (Movieline)

The best tidbit from this Oral History of “Friends” is that Courteney Cox’s role almost went to Nancy McKeon and Chandler was almost Craig Bierko. (Vanity Fair)

Do you like the “Game of Thrones” theme? You know what would make it better? A Fender Guitar. METAL UP YOUR ASS. (Uproxx)

Denesteak alerted me to the fact that Lionsgate is adapting Chaos Walking into a film, and she was very irate about it. I feel like a dipshit, but I don’t actually know what Chaos Walking is. Thoughts? (Bloomberg)

The next movie that Adam Sandler — winner of ALL the Razzies — is remaking? Now, that’s something I can get irate about. (Slashfilm)

You need another reason to vote for Obama? How about his Vulcan salute. Still the coolest President in the history of the goddamn planet. (DCist)

If you haven’t been following the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon feud, you should know that Dan Harmon has apologized for being a dick to notorious jerk Chevy Chase. Now, I’m not saying he apologized too Chevy Chase. Just that he apologized. (WG)

This is brilliant: What if the Hunger Games actually involved today’s spoiled, nerdy, smart-phone, Twitter-obsessed teenagers? It’d be a whole different ballgame. (Snide Remarks)

If you didn’t read Courtney’s Titanic live-blog yesterday, do check it out. It’s piss-yourself hilarious (sorry, Courtney: Piss-yourself jokes aren’t in the best taste for a pregnant woman). “OH, HINDSIGHT, you are a tricky mistress,” sums its up nicely. But, for another perspective, here’s why Titanic needs no defense. (Mendelson’s Memos)

I was fairly disappointed in Ricky Gervais’ latest effort, Life’s Too Short. Here’s hoping his next series, “Derek,” is better. Here are some clips. (The Playlist)

Two more notes: First, congratulations to Joanna Robinson. Her and Dave Chen’s “Game of Thrones” podcast rocketed to the number one podcast in the TV category in iTunes in its first week. You should subscribe. I listened to it last night. It’s great. (Slashfilm)

Finally, I woud like to recognize Agent Bedhead, who has now been a contributor to Pajiba for five years. She was our first female writer; she’s our only conservative writer; she’s our resident Dwayne Johnson expert; and she has the thankless duty of reviewing children’s films for us, which is probably the most difficult position on the site. She’s been through a lot, both personally and professionally, over the last five years, but she’s always managed to be an outstanding presence on the site. I’m immensely grateful for all that she’s contributed over the years. Congratulations, and thank you, Kimberly.

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