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Villains Both Sexy And Cute

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 7, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 7, 2011 |

Happy Monday, my Voluble Commenters and Mute Lurkers. We Pajiban writers know that the real reason you visit the site is for the bonny mots of our Eloquents. Well, apparently, the world agrees as a Pajiba comment by Melissa was quoted in “The San Francisco Chronicle” this morning. This comment, dear readers, was from March 2010. You may forget what you write here, but Google never does. The tippiest of hats to my very own mom for sending me this link. (SF Gate)

There is lit’rally no one I would rather see menace James Bond than Ralph Fiennes. I imagine he will have to wear many a tuxedo in order to do so. Are you imagining it too? Isn’t it nice? Also, let’s hope Ralph gets to keep his nose for this one. (Celebitchy)

This weekend AOL purchased my beloved “Huffington Post.” It’s possible that nothing will change, it’s possible that everything will. Here is Arianna Huffington, herself, explaining the sale and, weirdly, the eating habits of an AOL executive. (HuffPo)

A young teacher in Georgia resigned a few years ago when a Facebook photo of her holding two alcoholic drinks was brought to her principal’s attention. Most of the educators I know are very cautious when it comes to their Facebook accounts and privacy settings, but at what point are we not allowed to live our lives? (CBS)

While Facebook and other technology may be detrimental to our teachers, it is, apparently, a boon to our sex workers. Well, not my sex worker, she’s a bit of a Luddite. (Wired)

Rule #1 of our Superbowl Drinking Game yesterday was Take A Sip For Every Time The Camera Focuses On Someone Unrelated To The World Of Sports. While Dustin already covered the Cameron Diaz/A-Rod Depopcornbacle, I personally got the most joy out of shrieking “RON HOWARD!! DRINK!!” (Vancouver Sun)

I’m not sure how I feel about the band The New Pornographers, but it looks like some of my favorite funny people like them enough to appear in their new music video. Check out the musical/comedy stylings of Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, Donald Glover, Wyatt Cenac and MORE. (Indiewire)

That video is, however, rather dude heavy. Tina Fey has some theories as to why female comedians (specifically older ones) have a harder time maintaining a career. You want to talk scathing? Ms. Fey pulls no punches here. (NY Mag)

I fear that someday, my Sexual Arials and Bold Types, I will post one typography link too many. But that’s just, like, your opinion man. (The Curious Brain)

Oh, sure: There’s been many a thesi written about Michael Bay’s magnus opus, The Rock (it’s the only way to graduate Bay U), but no one has gone into this much hard-hitting detail, breaking down a single chase scene between Nic Cage and Sean Connery frame by frame. (FilmDrunk)

NASA has just released the first 360° image of the sun captured on video by two satellites. It’s sort of big and round and orangey, you guys. (NASA)

In “News” That Probably Only Interests Joanna, I found out yesterday that erstwhile Pepsi spokescutie and Curly Sue doppleganger Hallie Eisenberg is Jesse Eisenberg’s younger sister. The fact that this crumb of trivia blew my mind last night may be attributed to Superbowl Drinking Game Rule #2: Drink Every Time A Commercial Makes You Laugh. I’m an easy get, commercial-wise. Here’s one of Ms. Eisenberg’s classic Pepsi commercials. Funny? No. Cute? Pretty cute. (Youtube)

Speaking of spokescuties, here is our very own Brian Prisco’s Superbowl commercial that only aired in San Diego but, through the miracle of the internets, is available for your viewing pleasure.

You may be asking yourselves, gentle readers, “Is this the best youtube video of Brian Prisco that I’m going to see today?” No, my friends, no it isn’t. Feast your eyes on this.

And finally, speaking of tiny evil things, here’s an interview with the little boy who Darth Vader’d your hearts yesterday. He’s cuter than Jake Lloyd …not that that’s setting the bar too high.

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Joanna Robinson resents those Superbowl video editors for ruining her Michael Douglas Narrated Americana Moment. BONO IS IRISH, YOU IDJITS. If Bono has ever ruined your moment, let the link wench know here: [email protected]

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