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Ugh, Enough With The Think Pieces...Which "Community" Actor Would You Rather Invite Into Your Blanket Pillow Fort?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2012 |

I’ve really had it up to here with all the G-D Think Pieces on the site today. Ugh, it’s Friday, let’s lighten up a little. So as you peruse the links today, I want you to keep the question in today’s headline foremost in your mind. We’ll revisit it later.

Have you ever read a movie review where you completely disagree with the writer but still respect their point of view? That’s absolutely the case with this Avatar review. What a piece of crap movie, what a stellar review. (Pajiba)

I’ve been waiting a long-ass time for Hollywood to churn out a Pirate movie worth truly loving. I kind of want to mail them these instructions: “No love interest, no whitewashing, no happy ending. Follow those three rules and a studio could turn out a film of both depth and mass appeal.” (Pajiba)

Did you forget to think about “Community”? Well to bring it back into focus for you, here’s some food for thought. What if post-Harmon “Community” ends up a disaster in the vein of post-Sorkin “West Wing?” You’re shuddering aren’t you? (Pajiba)

And as the end of the Twilight franchise fast approaches, (November 16th and it’ll all be over!) let’s take a look at my favorite bit of writing around the last installment. (Pajiba)


Okay, to help you with this very pressing “Would You Rather” question, here are some visual and written prompts for both “Community” candidates.

Donald Glover : He’s chiseled like a track star, but that’s just the icing (chocolate, if you will). It’s the grin that catches you from across the room, lips exploding from within, all teeth and unbridled joy. Genuine emotion in an ironic age, he can mouth the somber words and go through the dramatic motions, but he’s apt to laugh at himself before the thought finishes. He’ll do a chicken dance or prance like a madman, but he’s the jester not the trickster. The laughs tumble out with warmth not sharpness, love not cruelty. But he’s neither simpleton nor fool; he’s just himself through and through. He’s not a brooding hero and he doesn’t dwell on the darkness, not because he’s naïve but because the laughter will drive it out. He’ll scoop you up in powerful arms, dip you low, kiss you slowly, and stare deep into your eyes. And then he’ll whisper something that makes you laugh so hard you cry. — Steven Lloyd Wilson

Alison Brie: Classic hips, pouty lips, hard and soft in symmetric smolder. Some girls, your mother hates, this is the one she whispers is too good for you. She’s the princess in the castle, the vision for which we forge ourselves into knights. She could probably drink you under the table, but she’s usually got something better to do. Angel in public, she’s the devil who can break you in half in private. But it’s not a facade, it’s two sides of an exquisite coin. Sometimes, innocence is a choice, neither a lie nor something waiting to be lost. Naked or clothed, after the first lust drunk night or after five decades of marriage, for all her beauty, it’s the dangerous depth in those eyes that makes your soul lurch. And when it does, when you fall on one knee, cover her in kisses, serenade her with bad poetry, there’s just that half smile and quizzical look, the confusion that all that fuss could possibly be over her. — Steven Lloyd Wilson

Whatever happened to the campaign for getting Pajiba pull-quotes on studio posters? This Aliens review is prime material. (Pajiba)

And, finally, do you know who was ahead of the curve on the “Downton Abbey” craze? Yup, our very own SLW. So heed his words and respect his taste. He’s truly the best we have to offer you. (Pajiba)

Joanna Robinson Pajiba loves Steven Lloyd Wilson.

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