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Twitter Reacts to Trump's Desperation Tweets, and Gwyneth Wins Halloween?

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 29, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | October 29, 2017 |

With an indictment coming tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this), Trump got all desperate and anxious on Twitter, screaming “DO SOMETHING” out into the void. Twitter had a fun time with it. (Uproxx)

Yeah, no one has any idea who is being indicted, but Team Trump is clearly anxious. (Politico)

Meanwhile, Tammy Blart is trying WAY too hard to get under liberals’ skin with her Halloween costume, and instead of being infuriating, she’s just annoying now. HOWEVER, her costume did inspire this amazing comparison:

And speaking of Halloween costumes, say what you want about Gwyneth, but this costume is GOLD. WHAT’S IN THE BOX!

Did you binge Stranger Things season 2 this weekend? If you did, SHHHHHHH, no spoilers, dammit! I got to watch a few episodes, but probably won’t get to watch the rest until next weekend. Millie Bobbie Brown kept reminding me of Elizabeth Perkins, though.

Elizabeth Perkins-thumb-700x1023-187652-thumb-700x1023-187653.jpg

That’s all I’ll say about the show so far. - (LG)

If you’re in the NYC area, you could even book a hotel room and binge Stranger Things in style. - (Nerdist)

Prince Harry thinks people are spending too much time online and on social media and it’s affecting their mental health. He has a pretty solid point. Except with Pajiba. You’re not spending enough time on Pajiba. - (Celebitchy)

If you have dark hair but want that mermaid/unicorn look, now you can get it without bleaching your hair first! - (Revelist)

This school in Michigan lets its seniors dress in costumes for their student IDs. WAY more fun than the usual. (I don’t get a few of them… maybe I need to watch MORE teevee!) - (Bored Panda)

I goddamn LOVE the colors in this line! Ohmaannnnn, I know it’s fall/winter and everything is supposed to be browns and rusts and burgundys and whatnot, but it would be fantastic if bright colors were easier to find in the middle of the winter doldrums. - (GFY)

Colton Haynes got married this weekend and it was PRESUMABLY a big deal and important and meaningful. I say presumably because, for some reason, Kris Kardashian officiated the ceremony. Okaaaay. I mean, I don’t know, maybe Kris just makes special occasions MORE special? Is that a thing now? Is she getting *another* new show where she goes around marrying people? - (Dlisted)

For those who stopped keeping up, an old friend returned to The Walking Dead tonight (SPOILERS). (Uproxx)

There were two White Nationalist rallies in Tennessee this weekend. This is such fucking bullshit. We really need to stop calling these people White Nationalists and call them them what they are: NAZI White Supremacists. - (Teen Vogue)

Though she was supposed to be a regent, Hatshepsut crowned herself King of ancient Egypt, and "her time in power saw such an incredible proliferation of art, architecture and statues that the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has an entire room devoted just to her." Expandingbookshelf was fascinated by the story Kara Cooney tells in The Woman Who Would be King but frustrated by the way Cooney wrote the book. Whose stories do you wish were better written? (Cannonball Read 9)

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