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Trump Doesn't Appreciate How F--ked He Is, Plus Cynthia Nixon Makes Mincemeat of Andrew Cuomo

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2018 |


I don’t know how much you folks have been following the NY Governor’s race, but in the one and only debate tonight, Cynthia Nixon handed Andrew Cuomo his ass on a gold platter (paid for by corporations).

Hey, so what’s Jake G. been up to lately, huh? (Lainey)

OK, but what about the Olsen twins. What are they up to? (Did I ever tell you about the time that I thought Kaitlin Olson was their cooler older sister for, I dunno, like 8 years? True fact.) (LG)

HBO will never be the same. (Dlisted)

Oh, Jenna Elfman. I sometimes find myself kind of liking you, but please don’t start pushing your Scientology bullshit. (Jezebel)

Miranda Lambert dumped some dude she was dating because he broke “one of her rules” and yes, I clicked to find out what that rule was, so you’ll have to click too, except the rule isn’t specified, so sorry, SOL! (Celebitchy)

Jennifer Garner’s shoes ARE fantastic, but man, they look like they hurt like a motherf**ker. (GFY)

Mike Redmond — The Superficial guy — is so good, even when I’m reading about things that I already know about. Honest to God, Redmond and Enlow should start a celebrity site together. It would be the best thing on the Internet. I am dead serious. It’d be the celebrity gossip dream team. Progressive humor. Pathos. Intelligence. Dick jokes and self-deprecation from Mike; vagina jokes and fantastic TMI from Courtney. How do we make this happen? Are we allowed to fancast websites? (Medium)

Remember when Alec Baldwin was going to be in the Joker movie? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. (Vulture)

Uh, yes to this.

Jimmy Kimmel and his Dad, ladies and gentlemen:

Trump wants to fire Sessions, in part, because he hates his Southern accent. You hear that, Red State Republicans in the South? (Politico)

This one goes out to all of you — like me — experiencing an unholy combination of heat and humidity. I left Arkansas to get away from this! (Also, the homophobia). (PopSci)

This is just straight-up creepy. (Mental Floss)

Well, no. Not everyone in attendances liked Louis C.K.’s stand-up set. Take, for instance, the women. (Vulture)

Our friend Michael Salfino sums this piece up the best (WashPo)

Here here!

Lumenatrix went outside her comfort zone with The Seas by Samantha Hunt. She would describe it as more of a modern epic poem than modern fairy tale. "It almost reminds me of Beowulf or The Odyssey in structure, only the hero is a nineteen-year-old girl and the epic adventure is to find her way to rescuing this sad, broken man…" Which books have rewarded you for going outside your usual kind of read? (Cannonball Read 10)

Finally, via Roxana, here’s some good shit to counteract that bad shit.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Hamilton London | Why is Donald Trump Attacking the Media So Vociferously Today?

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