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Even a Busted Human Being Is Right Twice in a Lifetime

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 16, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 16, 2019 |


Sarah Jessica Parker refutes a “reliable source” about an alleged spat she had with Matthew Broderick in the National Enquirer with a “reliable source” of her own: Herself. Take a hike, Enquirer. (Lainey)

Lori Loughlin worries that she’ll be treated unfairly because of her enormous fame, but I wonder if she worries about others who are treated unfairly because they are not enormously famous? (Celebitchy)

How do you “prepare to be pregnant,” Rihanna? I know that when my wife and I decided to have children, we prepared by stuffing blankets in her womb to keep the baby comfortable during her pregnancy. I’m sure that’s what Rihanna is doing, as well. (Dlisted)

“Is This Too Much Leather on Halle Berry?” the Fug Girls ask. I can answer that! (My answer is sort of a mixed bag: Is it too many clothes? Sure. Is it too much leather? Absolutely not.) (GFY)

In a few years, all your favorite shows will no longer be available on Hulu or Netflix? Where will they go? I have the answers. (Uproxx)

Criminalizing abortions is not the end of the slippery slope we are now in: Criminalizing miscarriages is an all too-real possibility. (Jezebel)

Steven Lloyd Wilson has been with us for about a decade. He’s gone through some shit during that period, but we could always rely on him to crack wise in Slack no matter the situation. We have always known him as a writer brilliant beyond words, but listening to him on this podcast, it’s like, Holy Shit! Our Steven Lloyd Wilson is a f**king genius. Like, a real literal one. No wonder he’s a college professor. I bet his students ADORE him because I just listened to a half-hour podcast on politics and statistics and something called the Bayesian Latent Variable model, and he made it FASCINATING. Steven Lloyd Wilson truly is a man better than all of us. We don’t deserve him, but goddamn, if we are not grateful to have him. (Stats and Stories Podcast)

Finally, the Drew Magary piece we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a rough ride, but one well worth taking. (Deadspin)

Kristy sent this along, and as a man, I can confirm that this is 100 percent accurate.

Comments from Robert Downey, Jr. on his last day on the set of Avengers: Endgame could not be more suitable.

Pokémon caused Satanic Panic? Wait, what? Really? (FSR)

A broken clock is right twice a day. Tinker Laburton is right twice a lifetime.

Comedian Tim Heidecker has written a song about Alabama’s abortion law. It’s called, “To the Men.” It’s not funny (nor is it meant to be). (AV Club)

Rocketman has gotten a hell of a reception at Cannes, and here’s Taron Egerton and Elton John singing the title song. It’s pretty great. I’m weirdly excited for this and Egerton seems terrific. (Vulture)

Ali Wong and Randall Park are starring in a Netflix romcom that looks delightful, and I don’t love that all the focus in the trailer has been on Keanu Reeves, who has what appears to be a bit part. On the other hand, it’s a very showy bit part that is hard to ignore. (Slashfilm)

CannonBookClub’s discussion of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens starts tomorrow! The friendship between Crowley and Aziraphale has been the focus of much of the marketing for the upcoming show, but the book exists because Gaiman and Pratchett wanted to work together. As faintingviolet says, "I’m just going to luxuriate in the fact that the book exists at all as a testament to friendship, both on page and behind it." You don’t have to be registered with Cannonball Read to join the discussion. Have you read anything by Gaiman or Pratchett? (Cannonball Read 11)

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