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Tom Jones Wants to Know If He's Black & Trevor Noah Is Out For an Emergency Surgery

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 4, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 4, 2015 |

Nothing happening today is more important than the atrocity affixed to Nicole Kidman’s body. This dress looks like a couture middle school science project. A human fancy goth petri dish. (Go Fug Yourself)

Tonight’s Daily Show will be a rerun because Trevor Noah had an emergency appendectomy this morning. Comedy Central says everything went well and he’s recovering quickly, which means we’re all free to make jokes about slacking on the job you just started, right? (The Wrap)

Tom Jones thinks maybe he’s black, and is trying to find out. He says he’s spent his whole life being told he sounds black and when he was born, the doctors asked his mother if she “had any black blood in her,” and is it wrong that my entire takeaway from this is to think that those people should not be allowed to be doctors? (DListed)

Donald Trump tweeted out a composite of images that compare Jeb Bush to a Nazi and also Mexicans, because I guess according to Trump, those are the two worst things you can be. He deleted it, though, because even Donald Trump has limits to his inflammatory racism. Eventually. After people get really mad at him. (Mediaite)

NASA has some openings in the astronaut department and is accepting applications from civilians. One of the requirements is three years experience in a related field. Can someone ask if having read the entire Ender series counts? (Inverse)

Well, this is depressing. A Florida elementary school held a STEM night for male students and their mothers. But don’t worry! The girls weren’t left out. They got a father/daughter dance to keep them busy. Oh, and the school makes it clear that any girl who really wanted to could have attended the STEM night. You know, if she wanted to force her way in and be seen as an unwelcome outsider just trying to prove a point and make a spectacle. See! Totally fair. (Mary Sue)

Other upsetting things happening in public schools: a Kansas teacher has been let go after showing his students an anti-bullying, anti-homophobia video. He showed the video in response to a class project he assigned that turned REALLY homophobic really fast. (Towleroad)

Brock Wilbur played his way through 25 years of James Bond video games. That’s a whole lot of Judy Dench voice acting and first-person toxic masculinity. (Vice)

Speaking of video games, did you guys know Cara Delevingne is in the Call of Duty trailer? Even though she’s a GIRL? (Starwipe)

After Disney bought Lucasfilm and secured the rights to Star Wars, they revealed that the vast catalog of games, books, and comics that detailed the events after Return of the Jedi would no longer be considered canon. TylerDFC reviews Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, the first title to be written on the post-Jedi blank slate. He gives it four stars, and says it’s "good appetizer before the main course" of The Force Awakens. (Cannonball Read 7)

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