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Tom Hardy Raps With His Baby. Ovary Explosion, Aisle 1.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 27, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 27, 2012 |

I’ve been a bit remiss this week in covering the Jackson Family Feud that is, apparently, raging somewhere in Southern California. Mostly because I don’t understand it. Here’s an expansive flowchart that clarifies nothing. (Neatorama)

Can you identify these classic film outfits? The Back To The Future costume is pretty easy on account of that life preserver, but I will admit I misidentified the bottom one as Tremors…because Tremors is a classic, that’s why. (/Film)

This fantastic new trailer for BBC 1 Drama has Ned Stark In Drag. Spoiler Alert: it ain’t pretty. (Bleeding Cool)
sean bean drag.jpg

A group of mates got together every five years to take the same photo over the span of 30 years. I love this sort of stuff and a fun guessing game to play at the top is “which of these fellas will age the best?” It’s never who you think. (Laughing Squid)

I don’t know if you make a habit of reading our Josh’s “TV Gifs Of The Week” column, but you really should. This week’s features an extra helping of Kristen Bell and her frequent partner-in-crime Craig Ferguson. (WG)

The founders of Amazon have donated an unprecedented amount of money to The Marriage Equality Campaign. I was worried this would mean I’d have to give up on my five-year anti-Amazon stance, but as my friend Nick pointed out even “Hitler had a canary.” So boooooo Amazon, yay Bezos! (The Mary Sue)

Still smarting from the frustrating Season 1 cliffhanger ending on “The Killing?” Well, in schadenfreude news, the slow-burning series has been cancelled. I think that’s fantastic because both leads deserve MUCH better material. You know, like unnecessary remakes. (Vulture)

Unreality lists all the movies that make them afraid of babysitters/babysitting. And they forgot Alicia Silverstone’s bravura performance in The Babysitter?? Blasphemy. (Unreality)

And have you ever wondered about George RR Martin’s opinion on penises and vaginas? I’m sure you have. It’s kept you up nights, I expect. Well wonder no longer, folks. He lays it all out there for you. (WG)

Any “Simpsons” fan worth his or her salt can rattle off most of these Ralph Wiggums-isms, but it’s a fun way to tool out some time on a Friday afternoon.

And, finally, because I loves ya, here’s Tom Hardy, aka Bane, aka Eames (darling) rapping with his infant son.

Joanna Robinson only hates Amazon because they’re ruining small, independent bookstores and evading taxes. That’s all. Just that. No big.

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