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TJ Miller Reveals Why He Left 'Silicon Valley'

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 2, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 2, 2017 |

It’s FRIDAY! Friday! Friday! Friday!

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For Pride Month, Billboard Magazine asked legendary performers and pop culture icons to write letters to the community. My first and forever ladylove #1 Crush Shirley Manson wrote hers and you can read it here - (Billboard)

Ok, so the Cavs didn’t play so great last night. No worries! It was only the first of 7 games. I’m not that concerned. I’m also not concerned because RiRi is there and she LOVES King James, so starting last night, she was all about distracting Kevin Durant and it’s seriously stupid and funny! - (Celebitchy)

Also seriously stupid, these pastel lace shorts. For any gender. No. Stop it. Get a full-length mirror and LOOK at yourself. LOOK at your choices! - (Dlisted)

TJ Miller is absolutely great on Silicon Valley, but when he announced he was leaving the show, don’t lie: Every damn one of you thought the same thing: His co-workers kicked him out of the band because he’s obnoxious. I mean, he’s funny, but he just has the vibe of a guy that might get under your skin after four years, right? Anyway, Miller says it’s not that. It’s that he had to tend to the garden of all of his other projects (of which there are many). I sort of believe him. Sort of. (Uproxx)

First - I love good gossip about people I don’t know, but are famous and so it *could* be true for all I know, but also, OMG PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE! Second - I don’t even care if it’s true, but more than anything else, I want it to get spread around everyfuckingwhere so Donnie Trash can’t possibly miss it, and I want it to get under his nasty orange skin like a tick and just burrow and eat away at him because he KNOWS everyone else has heard it and thinks it’s probably true. And Third - I hope it’s true not because I want Melania to get some good dick, I want this dude to be getting some REAL GOOD insider info on Trump and then take it to the Feds. - (Luvvie)
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He really IS the World’s Most Interesting Man and not the character, the actor! h/t Mrcreosote - (Politico)

There are many great accessories in the slideshow here, but I had to post the picture of my favorite (and it’s on one of those Hadid women! WHY are they?!). I love the necklace because it reminds me so much of one my grandma had when I was little (and she had it when my dad was little too). My grandma’s wasn’t nearly as fancy or as expensive, I’m pretty sure it was from Avon or something, but still, I love it! - (GFY)

Three teen girls have come up with a brilliant idea: a straw that detects date-rape drugs. h/t Stephanie - (Glamour)

I dare you to watch the winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee (in the last video clip) and *not* tear up just a tiny smidgey bit. But also, that mom of the “mogollon” speller? I am DYING! - (Lainey)

Sometimes BabyBearStrikesBack needs to read a fluffy book. Bailey Cates’ Brownies and Broomsticks, provided mediocre fluff. Katie Lightfoot is starting over, opening a bakery, investigating a murder, discovering she’s a witch, and romancing two men. Even with so much going on, the only things memorable were the recipes. What’s your favorite kind of reading fluff? (Cannonball Read 9)

Just FYI: Wonder Woman put up $11 million last night, which is the third best Thursday opening of the year, but considerably less than Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman. Don’t let the best DC movie have the smallest opening weekend, folks. Go see it. It’s great. (Uproxx)

It’s weird now to live in a country where the leader is so universally despised, especially considering he’s only been in the job for 5 months! The responses to him from other countries are just so wonderful.

Have a good weekend! Get off the computer. Go outside. Or stay inside and read a book. Go to a movie. Or take a bath. Or give the dog a bath. Or go for a walk. But stop reading and watching the news. It’ll all be here when you get back.

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