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Tina Fey, One Classy Piece of Trash

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 26, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 26, 2011 |

Did you know Google is looking to eliminate the “caps lock” key? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??!!? As you well know, my love affair with ol’ Caps is second only to my burning passion for the Interrobang. Well, some fine fellow at Cracked interviewed Caps about his fate. The results are…disturbing. Sigh, I always fall for the bad boys. (Cracked)

There is a huge-scale protest going on in Egypt right now. Here’s a stunning photo of a protester facing down a riot squad. That’s the thing, though. The Egyptian government has most forms of media on complete lockdown, so a lot of what we’re getting is images rather than reports. Here one protestor writes of his experience under a pseudonym. (The Awl)

Of course you’re from San Francisco, weird-o artist who makes portraits of celebrities out of their own trash. Like my city doesn’t have enough of an oddball reputation. Admittedly, the pieces themselves are kind of cool, and he has done some Pajiba favs like Tina Fey, Mary-Louise Parker, and Tori Spelling. What, you guys don’t love Tori? (Socialite Life)

What do you mean everything in Jurassic Park isn’t completely scientifically accurate? My world, she crumbles! Next you’ll be telling me bread makes you fat. BREAD MAKES YOU FAT? (Boing Boing)

I know some of you dig on the “Vampire Diaries” and that’s cool, you don’t have to explain your irrational loves to me. I love the caps lock key, so I’m not here to judge (I’m totally here to judge). All I’m saying is this ad campaign is not swaying me to the dark side. (NY Magazine)

Speaking of irrational loves, I love the cartoon Lackadaisy alot. Like, alot alot. Here they breakdown some dos and don’ts (mostly don’ts) for aspiring cartoonists. Beware the smarm brow. Also, pssst, here be kittehs. (Lackadaisy)

Do you ever look at the photo-a-day from NASA? My favorite is this old view of the earth at night. Light pollution never looked so purty. Anywhoodle, you can check the site everyday for a new photo and an accompanying explanation from an astronomer of what you’re staring at. (NASA)

Speaking of fascinating things to stare at, here is a round-up of the best faces made by politicians during The State of The Union Address. Oh, Biden. I love you so. (Buzfeed)

Speaking of TSoTUA (that was an exhausting acronym), while the word clouds of TSoTUA and the accompanying Republican Response are pretty neat-o, I think NPR’s word cloud made of reader-submitted three word recaps of TSOTUA is even cooler. Yay salmon joke! (NPR)

“Ye gods, Link Wench,” I hear you cry. What on earth is a “word cloud” and why are you so obsessed with them? I’ll tell you, my banana bran muffins. In order to make a “word cloud” you submit text into a program that makes a spiffy graphic out of the words. The more a word is used, the bigger it is in the graphic. Here, I made one from yesterday’s P. Love comments. While the arrangement of the words are random, I do dig on the juxtaposition of “Sexual Arial” and “Love Slapping.” I enjoyed this so much, I might do it again tomorrow, so mind your ps and qs down there in the comments section, Big Brother is word-clouding.

1.25.11 Wordle.jpg

I’ll confess something to you, my Sexual Arials, I have a weakness for quirk. Maybe you already knew this about me. Sometimes I like to swim around in a whimsypool until my fingers get all prune-y. This particular video blend might be a skosh much for you all, so if you are indifferent to quirk, or, even worse, if it sends you into a blind fit of yamma-burn-the-store-down rage, just don’t even click on these videos. The first is from a local SF band and while I like the song, I truly dig on the Lomography camera.

And, finally, I bring to you the Queen of the Whimsy Prom, Zooey Deschanel, with her latest She & Him video. I’m sorry! She charms me!!! This version is teeny, so you can see a bigger version of Zooey in all her mod glory here.

Joanna Robinson hopes tomorrow’s “word cloud” of today’s comments doesn’t include “DEATH TO QUIRK.” See, how could I do that without you, Caps? The shift key can go screw.