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This Chick Packs More Of A Punch Than All Of Zack Snyder's Baby Dolls Combined

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 31, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 31, 2011 |

Slainte, my salacious celery stalks and pickled string beans. This article, which breaks down the individual flavor components of a Bloody Mary, made my mouth water. Listen, my sweet sots, you don’t have to compromise on taste when looking to get a vodka buzz. If you’re ever out in the city by the Bay, you should join me for Sunday, Bloody Mary, Sunday at Zeitgiest. Their Bloody Marys come with essentially an entire salad in the glass. S’wonderful. (NPR)

Now, I will admit to you, my little pinto beans, I’ve never thought about breaking my tacos down into their individual components (if you are sniggering, I will slap you). However, these photographs of taco ingredients as seen through a microscope lens are jaw-dropping. Don’t worry, they didn’t do chorizo, we all know an extreme close-up of chorizo will just reveal porcine tears and regret. (Micro Taco)

This is another experiment in extreme close-up photography and, well, it’s f*cking terrifying, my friends. It’s like staring into the void and having the void stare back. (Luke Tech Tips)

Blech, that was deeeeee-sgusting. Let’s rinse the taste out of our mouths with some sofa cake. More delicious than it sounds! (Sofa Cake!)

I feel all this brouhaha surrounding “Mad Men” could be solved with three simple words. Fire. January. Jones. (Celebitchy)

I wonder why, given my obvious love for charts, my browser thought I was typing “I Love Charlie Sheen” into the Googles. I don’t love Charlie Sheen, I love Charts! They gave me this fetching Word Cloud of Beatles lyrics. If you click it, it will grow.

beatles word cloud.jpg

Speaking of British Popsters, Our Man In London, Caspar Salmon, wrote a list of what Beach Boys song titles would look like if the band were British. Then McSweeney’s published it. Yay Cas!! (McSweeney’s)

Do you remember how Rachel from Real World San Francisco married Sean from Real World MumbleCough and now he’s a Wisconsin congressman? No? Okay. Well Sean decided to stop being polite and started getting real about how he’s unable to make ends meet on his $174,000 salary. Let’s throw him our support in these troubling times. (Poor Sean Duffy)

When did they start using Ralph He’s So Fiennes as the model for Hellraiser’s Pinhead? (Geeks of Doom)

Also, this? This is adorable. I know it’s just for kids but I think I would like to stencil it on my wall and maybe add a Wookie level cause some of us are really tall, okay? (The Mary Sue)

You have no idea who Veena Malik is, right? Me neither. However, when BierceAmbrose sent me this link of her verbally annihilating a Mullah who tried to ambush and attack her for being a digrace to Pakistan, I decided we should all know her name. (She’s an actress/comedian and is being attacked for her “questionable” behavior on the Indian version of “Big Brother.” So, this is maybe like a Kardashian laying a smackdown. I love.)

In other Arab news, it’s getting pretty complicated over there, hunh guys? Is a dwindling oil supply responsible for the recent uprisings? Why, if January’s demonstrations in Egypt were so peaceful and successful, has the interim government banned any further protests? Well I’m here to help with a vastly rich and informative breakdown of the situations in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt presented in terms we can all understand: ZOMG ANGREE BURDS.

Joanna Robinson thinks when she goes off this not-drinking binge, she’s going to try soaking and chilling a jar of olives in vodka and then eating them. It sounds amazing. Have you tried that? However, the last time she got her alcohol out of a jar, it was a drop of the Poitín. That didn’t end well. Send your alcoholic oddities here: [email protected] or here @quityourJRob

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