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Think Nicole Kidman Is Too Old and Icy To Be Attractive? Her Scantily Clad Bum Begs To Differ

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 23, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 23, 2012 |

Yesterday I mentioned Dan Harmon was doing an AMA on Reddit. In case you missed it, here are the highlights including some very very bad news* for Alison Brie fans and good news for his red-headed fans the world over. (Uproxx)

Like most of us, the lads over at Film School Rejects rewatched True Romance this week in honor of Tony Scott. Here are 32 Things they learned from the commentary. Val Kilmer used to call Tony Scott late at night and sing Elvis songs to him? Idea Alert: Fat Kilmer as Fat Elvis. Make it so, Hollywood. (FSR)

Everyone’s excited and suitably creeped out for Season 2 of “American Horror Story,” right? If not check out these promos. Each one is skin crawlier than the last. (WG)

Speaking of things that make your skin crawl, I’m not sure I ever needed to see Sofia Vergara dress up as Lucy Ricardo. And yet, here we are. She looks like she’s having a stroke. (Vulture)

Check out who’s heading up the list of contenders for a Nobel Prize in Literature. If you like plodding, esoteric dream narratives, you’ll be delighted. (Vulture)

Did anyone else catch the “one night only” screening of Singing In the Rain on the big screen yesterday? Just me and my aged relatives? Okay then. Well it was fantastic. That movie holds up like a champ. In honor of Gene Kelly’s centennial (today), Nathaniel from TFE has put together his 50 Favorite Actors. Agree? Disagree? Enjoy the pretty photos? (TFE)

Speaking of photographic splendor, Nicole Kidman lets it all hang out in this spread for V Magazine. (Celebitchy)

You had just one job, man. ONE. JOB. #20 is, of course, my favorite. (Buzzfeed)

This right here is the best baby cosplay I’ve seen since The Alien Chestburster Baby. Does anyone have a baby I can borrow and dress up real funny like? (Fashionably Geek)

Speaking of chestbursters, Spaceballs, the Blu-ray, is available for cheap. Snap it up realy quick! Like, plaid quick! (Nerd Approved)

The more images I see of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in the Liberace biopic, the more excited and squirmy I get. The Farrah hair on Matt Damon is incredible. Has anyone done an Oscars/wig breakdown? I’m thinking you never go full layered. (Collider)

As a stalwart “Bunhead” fans, I was interested in this article on what Amy Sherman-Palladino can do in Season 2 to make the “pretty good” show even better. I say import more actors from “The Gilmore Girls.” Kirk, Zach, Gypsy, Mitch Huntzberger and Digger simply weren’t enough. (Vulture)

Finally. I’m writing to you from Day Three of an Extended Family Vacation. So, trust me, I can relate to this movie temper tantrum supercut. Ralph Fiennes wins, yes? Or is Citizen Kane truly the best movie of all time in every category ever?

*Okay, yes, fake news.

Joanna Robinson is about to go fling an inner tube into the river. SO THERE.

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