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Things Are Getting Uglier For Chrishell Stause of 'Selling Sunset' and Ex Justin Hartley

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 13, 2020 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 13, 2020 |


Are we ready for Pajiba War II? (PWI was Best Chris. Pine won. Let is goooooooo.) Who is Best Bond? Because the sorry people in this article say Connery. Which is FINE. But it’s not BEST. Obviously that honor goes to Daniel Craig and I will not hear any different. I mean, I guess I’ll hear it, but you’re wrong. (The Guardian)

I am incredibly sorry to bring you this truly horrific news: Richard Spencer is “financially crippled” from his “Unite The Right” rally lawsuit. Oh. Wait. No. Did I say I was sorry? I meant the complete opposite of that. (BoingBoing)

Angelina Jolie is trying to get the private judge thrown off her divorce case. Wait. Hold up. There are PRIVATE JUDGES?! What in the world. Eat. The. Rich. (Dlisted)

“We had so much money we couldn’t even close our safe,” said the father of Elon Musk. EAT! THE! RICH! (Business Insider)

Should we talk about Selling Sunset? I watched a single episode of this show and hated every second of it. But Chrishell Stause’s ex (Justin Hartley from This Is Us) might be trying to throw shade at her and I’m not into that at all. I’m still not going to watch that show, but going with the “she’s a crazy bitch” strategy is not cool, my dudes. (Lainey Gossip)

I guess when you get impregnated by dead person Joshua Jackson (RIP), the birth labor lasts FOUR FREAKING DAYS OMG. (Celebitchy)

This one goes out to my fellow philosophy nerds: a great paper that discusses selfhood, how it’s based on the physiological imperative to stay alive, where emotions are a type of perception. (IAI)

I think this is great news: the link between Vitamin D deficiency and poor COVID19 prognosis is officially official. There is a fantastic Radiolab episode you should listen to about it, but I want to share a link to the actual study. Take your Vitamin D supplement! (But also, don’t listen to me, Your Thursday Pajiba Love Internet Stranger. Go talk to your doctor about this.) (Springer)

The growing disparity in living conditions-and how it could lead to a civil war. (Medium)

Amazon’s Constellation of 3,236 Satellites Has Astronomers Very, Very Freaked Out. (Futurism)

Could Kanye West Be Charged With Electoral Fraud? (VF)

Also at Vanity Fair is this great piece about that piece of sh*t Stephen Miller and his piece of sh*t wife. (VF)

And if you’re in the mood to catch up on a couple of other horrible people, here is a quick thread about what’s going on with Jordan Peterson and his grifter daughter Mikhaila. (Twitter)

Why Wikipedia Decided to Stop Calling Fox a ‘Reliable’ Source. (Wired)

To celebrate the Women’s Prize for Fiction’s 25th anniversary, you can get some ebooks of iconic books with the author’s real names on the front, so enjoy Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans! (Baileys)

Getoffmylawnn’s favorite question in the Quick Questions with a Cannonballer was about what made her fall in love with reading. "I credit my interest in reading to my Dad, who was an avid and prolific reader of everything he could get his hands on (he got me my first library subscription at the age of 5) and my maternal uncle who would scour the second hand shops in Mumbai for rare and funny books for a pre-teen me (he too bought me a subscription at a small library just for my summer vacations I spent with him)." What made you fall in love with reading? (Cannonball Read 12)

This. Is. Amazing.

Ratatouille cosplay? from r/WTF

Review: 'Ted Lasso' May Be the Second Coming of Leslie Knope | It's Not Just Voter Suppression; Trump is Trying to Sew Chaos and Uncertainty Into the Results

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