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They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 25, 2011 |

Listen, friends, a lot of truly terrible things went down this weekend, and we’ll get there. I want to talk to you about it all. But first I want to start with this, my favorite story of the Summer. As I was driving home early Sunday morning, I heard on the radio that Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd were married just after midnight in Niagara, NY. And I won’t lie to you, my bleeding hearts, I teared up a little. mswas sent me this sweet gallery of some same-sex weddings that took place in New York this weekend but I’ve included my favorite photo below. Happy wedding day to all the folks in NY and, p.s., GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER, CALIFORNIA. (Gothamist)
Double Rainbow over Manhattan.jpeg

One of my favorite gays, Omar from “The Wire” (aka Michael K. Williams) will be joining “Community” next year playing a new professor. You come at the King, you best not miss the add/drop deadline. (Warming Glow)

Speaking of TV I love, SLW has already covered the new “Doctor Who” trailer so, instead, I’ll bring you this round-up of DW cosplayers from Comic-Con. There is a dead-on balls accurate David Tennant, some adorable teenaged Doctors and some cute as h*ll Amy Ponds but why oh why haven’t I seen a really great River Song yet? Also? I want that Red Dalek dress. (io9)

Speaking of cute redheads, you know, ladies, when you’re in a club/raging party and you start to look a little iffy? Your hair gets a little lank and your eyeliner starts to make a run for it? Not so Felicia Day who looks fresh as a daisy and, um, a little nekkid in this photo with Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion at a Comic-Con party. Um, Nate, my friend, Captain Tightshirt, I would have gone a size up. (Nerd Approved)

My favorite cosplay-related link from Comic-Con is this video of three women who do an all-female “Venture Brothers.” You HAVE to see how the woman playing Dr. Mrs. The Monarch gets her chest to do what it’s doing. To give you a sense, I’ve included a photo of what the cartoon character looks like. (The Mary Sue)

But my favorite cosplayer of the weekend was actually a celebrity. (No, not Justin Timberlake as Ernie.) It’s Andrew Garfield as Spider-man. Just, trust me, it’s adorable. Thanks, esme! (First Showing)

And that’s it for Comic-Con links. I swear it! And now for something completely pregnant. I’ve either linked these awkward pregnancy photos before, or I dreamt them. Anyway, they are extraordinarily cringey, but this pair of adoptive parents who took mock cheesy pregnancy shots with a beach ball? AMAZING. (Jejune)

Speaking of things I like to mock, the creators of “Glee” are reversing their statement that three of the leads (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer) would be graduating from the fictional high school and no longer on the show. This made me go YAY twice (the mugsome Michele and the wooden Monteith) and boo once (the wonderful Colfer). Now this might maybe NOT happen? QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART. But, if you must, at least have the decency to do a Backstreet Boys-themed episode. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of really bad television (which, I’m sorry, “Glee” is), Unreality asks which TV series makes America look the worst. They nominate “Man Vs. Food,” but I humbly submit “Toddlers and Tiaras.” That show (which, admittedly, I’ve only seen snippets of on “The Soup”) makes me want to gauge my own eyeballs out with an excessively bedazzled scepter. (Unreality)

And now for the terrible news. There was an appallingly tragic bombing and shooting this weekend in Oslo, Norway. I have to admit, that if there was a silver lining, I thought I’d found it in the news that at least this particular attack wasn’t orchestrated by an Islamic terrorist group but was, instead, perpetrated by an anti-Islam extremist, Norwegian Anders Breivik. However, this article, while examining the idea of being attacked from within versus without, reminds us that ” There were no wins or losses on Friday. There was only loss.” (GOOD)

Speaking of a loss, Amy Winehouse died this weekend at a tragically young age. While you’re certainly within your rights to be unsurprised by the troubled singer’s death, I, personally, am very sad to see someone so undeniably talented leave us so very soon. Her unearthly voice was so drenched in nostalgia that it already seemed like it came from the past, a recording of one of The Greats, long dead. With her cartoonish hair, large slashes of make-up and fragile, tiny body, Amy Winehouse was unforgettable at first glance. And then she opened her mouth. It wasn’t just her lyrics that communicated heartbreak and self-defeat (I cheated myself/ Like I knew I would/ I told you I was trouble/ You know that I’m no good) but the rasp and swooping croon of her voice as well. If you haven’t already, please take a moment and read Russell Brand’s piece on Amy. While it’s not the most elegantly written thing you’ll read, it is most certainly the best because Brand was intimate with both Ms. Winehouse and addiction. (Guardian)

I’ll let Amy play us out today. She was staggeringly good live. No autotune required. Just raw talent. Emphasis on the raw.

Joanna Robinson did not mean the headline of this piece to be a joke. Not in the slightest. She is rather shocked that anyone took it that way.

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