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These Slap Shots Need More Hanson

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 25, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 25, 2011 |

How would you prefer I judge you, Pajibans? Based on the things your home state is crap at? Or based on the crap food you guys eat? Oh, Minnesota, it’s not enough that you fry your food, you have to put it on a stick?

Speaking of fried foods, my little gizzards and giblets, I love my chicken, put nothing above my chicken, but I will not eat anything that Flavor Flav had a hand in making. Seriously, that fellow has ALL the diseases. (CNN)

All the while I was reading this article on the science of parallel universes my brain kept piping up with, “Oh, like ‘Sliders,’ right? Remember that episode where the Golden Gate Bridge was green?” And I got very frustrated with my brain and screamed, “Shut UP, I’m trying to be classy and understand science.” But, no, my brain is very Jerry O’Connell obsessed. That’s why I work for Pajiba and not NASA. (NPR)

Here’s an insider tip, if you’re looking to bed an English Major (that’s me!), whisper sweet antiquated terminology in his/her ear. Do I want to slam like a dunny door in a gale? You know it!! (11 Points)

One of my favorite tricks “The Daily Show” pulls off is using video evidence to expose hypocrisy. In this clip, Stewart and his crew do a sort of Godwin’s Law analysis of Fox News. (Mediaite)

One thing I’ve learned about you Pajibans is that you love your typography. Here’s a clever blog where they look at fonts and their use in advertising and publications. I found it totally fascinating and I’m not half the nerd you guys are. If I had a typography blog, I would call it “I Shot The Serif.” No one would read my blog because I would just talk about font puns all day. (Fonts in Use)

As much as you all seem to love typography, I love graphic design. I can’t decide which of these posters to put up in my super grown-up room. The one with the booze? The one with the glasses? The one with the hoverboard? Or the one with the prosthetics? I won’t lie, I’m leaning towards hoverboard.

You know Angry Black Lady, frequent commenter, hash tag enthusiast and award-winning blogger? Well she’s not always angry, sometimes she spreads the love. Here she exhibits some Happy Black Lady Love for this cool cello rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” While you’re there you should read her other, more serious posts, if you haven’t already. (Angry Black Lady)

I initially watched this video because the editor used the same exact joke in the title as I did last week when pondering what I would knit in order to impress Colin Firth. Gloves, Actually!! This editor is obviously my soulmate. Call me, samseed85, I’m in the book. As for the rest of you, enjoy these cinematic slaps.

Joanna Robinson would also knit The Importance of Being Earmuffs and A Single Mitten. Colin Firth will be mine…oh yes. If you have his home address and hand size, won’t you please email it to [email protected]?

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