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There's More than One Way to Skin a Dead Cat ... Or Just Turn the Damn Thing Into a Helicopter

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 4, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 4, 2012 |

As you know, the MTV Movie Awards were last night, and as always, the best part about them is the next day fashion rundown from the Fug Girls. I didn’t realize that Toilet Paper cozies were back in style! (GoFugYourself)

Rachel Weisz really hates complainers, which kind of makes her a complainer about complainers, right? I mean, come on, lady! You’re married to Daniel Craig! What do you have to complain about? Then why do you keep complaining about complainers! Jeez. (Celebitchy)

Scale of 1 to 10, people. How erect does the new “Breaking Bad” poster make you? (WG)

The GQ Villainous Actor Profile series not only gives due to a lot of fantastic character actors, but we now know what King Joffrey looks like without the “Game of Thrones” garb. Here he is in the natural form. *shivers*(Unreality)


This is a sweet heart-warming story about how the gay Green Lantern basically ended the homophobic One Million Moms organization, which was really more like 5 assholes from Texas with a Facebook page. (The Superficial)

Ranylt passes along the unfortunate news that Mr. Trololo has passed away, dying of a godtrollolo stroke. (Ottawa Citizen)

Richard Dawson also passed away. SHOW ME, HEAVEN. (WashPo)

Look, man! Donald Trump CAN’T be racist. He has a black employee and of course, that’s the surest sign of not-being-a-racist-racist. (Videogum)

I never thought of it that way, but yes, I can see it now: 7 Ways that Waiting for a New James Bond is like Waiting for a new Woody Allen. (TheFilmExperience)

Now THIS, folks, is how you write an apology. Jason Alexander apologizes for calling cricket gay sport. (Buzzfeed)

They’ve already filmed the damn thing and I’m still skeptical about the chances that World War Z actually exists. The latest news? Brad Pitt’s movie is going back for HOW MANY WEEKS OF RESHOOTS? That’s like, reshooting the entire thing, right? (Slashfilm)

Here’s your first look at Iron Man 3: SPOILERS. Oh, wait. There’s no spoilers here at all, just some Iron Man suits. (FSR)

Can you name the top 13 selling candies in America? I totally guessed right on number one because my blood consists of 32 percent candy shell at all times. (Mental Floss)


The brilliant Mike Ryan addresses 8 Things He’s Still Confused by in Snow White and the Huntsman, like what was the Huntsman doing in that final scene? He could’ve at least winked. (HuffPo)

I heard about this on NPR this morning: Fifth-grader skips school to see President Obama speak, gets an absentee note from President Obama. Sometimes, ‘MURICA doesn’t have to be an ironic statement, after all. (Uproxx)

As John Gholson remarked, THIS is the opposite of LOLcat (also, terrifyingly hilarious and offensive and tasteless and don’t click if you’re a cat lover and I’m sorry for including it as a header image but Alison Brie apparently took the weekend off). (Daily Mail)

With my sincerest apologies, there’s also a video.

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