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There Goes My Hero, He's Homophobic

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 14, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 14, 2011 |

Just kidding, my little hoop dreamers, Kobe was never a hero of mine. (SF Giants Tim Lincecum on the other hand…) My disdain for Kobe reached new heights, however, when he called a ref one of the Pajiba banned words. The one that makes him sound like a homophobic jackhole. Kobe is being fined $100,000 which (and I did the math on this) is roughly what he earns for sticking his left arm through the sleeve of his jersey. (Evil Beet)

In other Athletes Behaving Badly news, let’s all point and laugh at Tom Brady as he weeps about being hugely rich and married to a famous super model and STILL getting picked last for sports…well sixth…but it feels very playground, no? (Baltimore Sun)

Maybe he can cheer himself up by riding on the new Dutch Superbus. I know it would dry all my tears…mostly because traveling at 155mph would whip all the weep out of me. (Pop Sci)

Those last two stories were sent in via the lovely dammitjanet and Bierce Ambrose respectively. However, the links they sent were via the Daily Mail which I had been warned to link at my PERIL. So, I googled alternate sources. I hope you’re happy, I’ll never get those 30 seconds back. Aren’t you impressed with my journalistic integrity? I know, me too. We here at Pajiba are known for our high ethical standards and ability to scam free drinks. Ever curious what Dustin is missing out on with his “NO STUDIO GIVE-AWAYS” rule? Turns out, in the case of J.J. Abrams’ Super 8, it’s some Dharma Initiative/Dr. Marvin Candle malarky. (Slash)

Listen, I’m all for creative marketing, but does Abrams strike you as the kind of father who makes his kids solve logic puzzles before they’re allowed to eat their cereal in the morning? Those Abrams children are going to develop all sorts of Daddy issues and how will THAT serve them later in life? It’s not like you can make a living out of-oh, hmm. Speaking of creative marketing…hey, let’s advertise a zombie show on the side of a funeral home! (Warming Glow)

I care about your health, my fretful fritters, and as such was going to link to a story about eating apples and how it can help you stay healthy. But then I found THIS. Science says eating fried foods like donuts and chips (inmoderationplease) actually gives our heart a work out and makes it stronger come myocardial infarction (two of my favorite words to say) time. That’s right, Team Donut, Science loves us. (The Awl)

Speaking of health concerns, is anyone else worried that the fellows over at Pop Chart Labs have advanced OCD? Well, their loss of a social life due to a crippling behavioral disorder, is our gain. Here is their newest poster: The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing. (Bleeding Cool)

Those Pop Chart lads haven’t done cinematical hats yet, have they? Well when they do, they’ll be well served to consult Unreality’s list. Tombstone! I stay and watch the credit sequence of that behatted posse walking every time. (Unreality Mag)

Do you listen to Adele? You should. She’s aces. Here’s some excerpts from her charming “Rolling Stone” interview where she deflects questions about her weight by saying she makes music for the ears, not the eyes. (Celebitchy)

But the truth is, she is GORGEOUS. Here is a beautiful video for “Rolling in the Deep.” Great video, great song, great voice.

Speaking of British musical treats, here are the Muppets covering LVD Soundsystem. I say British because these are obviously not official muppets…rather some Britishers mucking about. The result is still joyous.

Joanna Robinson told the Angry Black Lady that April is the crullerest month. It’s true. #teamdonut Email! Twitter!

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