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There Are Plenty of Faces That Could Use A Good Photoshoppin' But This Ain't One Of Them

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 22, 2011 |

Oh, my sexy series and foynite sequences, did you think Pi Day was the only time of year to celebrate the unholy union of pastry and math? Did you think the Ven Pie-agram was as nerdelicious as it got? Think again, my flaky crusts. A woman in Seattle has invented the Sierpinski Hamantaschen. Do you not know what either of those words mean? That’s okay. If you do, Happy Day After Purim! (Seattle Local Food)

For any of you math nerds who did not just run to the kitchen to get your baking protractor, here’s a fun chart of film titles expressed as math equations. I…I only got one right, you guys. I hope you do better. (Slash Film)

Let’s take a few shambling sidesteps away from the nerdery to admire this collection of Lebowski tattoos. The Walter, Sam Elliott and, above all, Maude (my fav is below) tattoos are great, sure, but go through the whole gallery, because the last one will sort of boggle your mind, man. (Coed Magazine)


True story, this weekend some chick’s cell phone went off TWICE while I was trying to watch a movie and then I had to physically restrain my friend from hurling popcorn at her. If you’ve ever flung popcorn or Red Vines at a noisy filmgoer, then I recommend this piece by the hilarious Eric Snider on a particular SXSW screening. (Eric Snider)

But even Eric Snider, I think, wouldn’t ask us to sit silently through the scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn where ROBERT PATTINSON GNAWS A BABY OUT OF KRISTEN STEWARTS ABDOMEN. Oh, I’m sorry, spoiler alert? (Total Film)

In other noisemaking news, DC had to shut down its message boards because an epic nerdlinger war broke out over the following question. Are you ready? Brace yourself for the controversy. “Who would win a footrace, The Flash or Superman?” Oh, comics nerds, come on, don’t make it so easy for us to mock you. (Geeks Are Sexy)

We Doctor Who nerds, on the other hand, are totally rational and level-headed and OMG, YOU GUYS, DID YOU SEE THIS FLIPPING AWESOME TARDIS INFOGRAPHIC? Ahem. It’s pretty cool. (Blastr)

In far less believable alien news, Sammy Hagar has claimed he was abducted by aliens. For real. If you think this information is going to stop me from ordering Hagar’s Tequila in bars, then you severely underestimate the joy I take in saying “Cabo Wabo.” (MSNBC)

I am jealous, though, cause if Sammy was abducted he may have gotten an even closer look at the moon. (io9) Or at the sun. (Discover Magazine) Seriously, you stare into that Sun photo long enough, it stops looking real.

And that’s what the folks at Rimmel must have done, right? Eyeballed the sun for too long and then decided it was okay to do this to Zooey Deschanel’s face? Oh, Zooey, Cotton would never have treated you so badly. (Evil Beet)

And what would Joseph Gordon-Levitt say? Well, he’s a little busy with this very cute fundraiser for Japanese relief. A debonair tip of the fedora to MissRoss for sending this link my way. (Hit Record)

Let’s adore the debonair Mr. Gordon-Levitt and the unaltered cuteness of Ms. Deschanel in this music video that may be old, but never tired.

And, finally, my clingy Klingons, it’s William Shatner’s 80th birthday! Hurrah. Shatner has brought so much joy into our lives from feisty interjections, to strange and unusual musical performances. Shatner has also been an incredible boon to impressionists (the humoredians, not the painters), but I like Shatner best when he’s alienating (eh? eh?) his fanbase. Happy birthday, Bill.

William Shatner SNL skit Get A Life 1986-12-20 by efly2020

Joanna Robinson would drink all the Cabo Wabo Margaritas with you, gentle readers, whilst simultaneously admiring your Bill Shatner impersonation and your Donnie tattoo. What’s your frosty beverage of choice? Let her know here: [email protected] or follow her @quityourJRob

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