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The World Hasn't Seen A Hacker This Smoking Hot Since Angelina Jolie

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 5, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 5, 2012 |

The bad news: This woman was arrested 4 times in 26 hours. The good news: That’s some long-lasting blush! Or…maybe rosacea. Either way, looking vibrant, girl! (Boing Boing)

Speaking of lookers, check out “Breaking Bad” Aaron Paul in his high school yearbook. Very Sk8er Boi. (Uproxx)

These luscious photos of the London Paralympics are crazy inspiring. What did you do with your two legs today? (The Big Picture)

Youtube “accidentally” flagged and blocked footage from the DNC. My paranoia is flaring up. (Wired)

Oh well, even if you couldn’t watch Michelle Obama’s speech last night, her family did. Look how proud.
(photo via THD)

This article not only reveals how much “Honey Boo-Boo” and her family made on their TLC show, but also introduced me to the concept of “shame-fame.” My favorite industry term since “hate watch.” (Vulture)

Break out your pork pie hats, everybody! Bryan Cranston is coming to “30 Rock.” He’ll be playing Kenneth’s mother’s boyfriend. That’s pretty much the most interesting Kenneth development in three seasons. (AV Club)

Please tell me you watched last week’s episode of “Doctor Who.” If not: SPOILERS, SWEETIES! Moffat discusses the lovely new companion we met in Oswin Oswald and how her presence on the show will change The Doctor. I fell head over *ss for Coleman so, trust me, my excitement goes to 11. (The Mary Sue)

Did you know that the new LaBeouf/Hardy Prohibition movie was originally called The Wettest County In The World. Wouldn’t you rather see that? I also prefer the original title for Unforgiven. See where it ranks on these Generic Movie Titles That Started Off As Something Better list. (CinemaBlend)

My partner in podcasting crime, David Chen, will be hosting a show on PRI. THAT’S THE BIG TIME FOLKS! If you haven’t already checked out The Tobolowsky Files (yeah, with that guy) you most definitely should. (/Film)

What do y’all think, was the Summer of 2012 a huge letdown? I didn’t dislike The Dark Knight Rises as much as many, but I can’t disagree with this overall assessment regarding the major summer releases. (Badass Digest) Perhaps it would do us all some good to check out more independent films. Here are the best reviewed indies of the summer and where you can find them. I cannot recommend Beasts Of The Southern Wild enough. (IndieWire)

Speaking of surviving floods, this father and son team saved 120 people from Hurricane Isaac floods. (GOOD)

Here are all the deaths from the last five seasons of “Breaking Bad.” Check out the nifty periodic table at the bottom. (The Droid Your Looking For)

(Do you like how I’ve broke up all those “Breaking Bad” links? I did that for you, non-watchers). CAUTION: SPOILERS FOR THE AVENGERS TO FOLLOW. Clark Gregg discusses a potential future for his character Agent Coulson. Yeah, you heard me. (MTV)

Finally, in a little bit of internet synergy, two of my favorite “famous” Matts (I call them Dancing Matt and Tesla Matt) try out a Tesla cannon. Nifty. (via Laughing Squid)

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